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iOS 17 Photo Edit Markup Tool could have been better

The seventeenth iteration of the OS build has recently been rolled out by the Cupertino giant and with that, a plethora of nifty features have made its way. Along the same lines, there have been a few UI/UX tweaks as well, though not all the changes have been welcomed by the users. One such change that falls in the latter category is related to Apple’s editing tool.

iOS 17 Photo Edit Markup Tool

In the latest iOS 17 build, the Markup Tool has undergone a slew of modifications, which doesn’t seem to be in sync with many user’s requirements. For instance, the editing buttons at the top are now dimmed way too much, such that it looks like those options are disabled. Likewise, they have removed the magnifier filter and you can now only insert solid shapes instead of outlines.

iOS 17 Photo Edit Markup Tool could indeed have been better

iOS 17 Photo Edit Markup Tool

Earlier, one could easily use a circle or rectangle outliner to highlight a specific portion of the text, however, if you do so now, then it will be covered with a solid shape! With that said, there does exist a few nifty workarounds that might help you bypass these limitations. For instance, once you are in the Markup Tool and choosing your shape, just click on the desired color of the shape and turn the opacity all the way down.

iOS 17 Photo Edit Markup Tool

Then change the thickness of the outer edge as well. It will allow you to use the shape without it being colored in. Another impressive trick is to manually draw a shape [no perfecting required], and once done, continue holding your finger in that place for a second, the tool will automatically correct the shape for you.

Changes just for the sake of change!

No doubt the aforementioned are quite impressive tweaks, but they wouldn’t have been required in the first place if Apple hadn’t made such unnecessary changes just for the sake of change! It just seems that they have to show something on paper that since a new OS build is live, there have to be tweaks in all nooks and corners of the apps, whether it’s needed or not that doesn’t matter.

Anyways, what are your views on such modifications being made to the Markup Tool in iOS 17? Are these just small tweaks that aren’t going to bother you much or could they prove to be quite an infuriating usage experience? Do share your valuable opinion with us in the comments section below.