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Google Maps Photos View Count are not getting updated [Fixed]

When it comes to the maps application, then the offering from the Silicon Valley giant is without a shadow of a doubt the best in this domain. Apart from showing directions, it also beholds a slew of other intriguing features up its sleeves. One among which is the ability to review places and add images, which will aid the rest of the users in easily identifying that place and hence make their decision accordingly.

Google Maps Photos View Count

For the uploaded, they get badges and points which help to climb up the ladders in the reviewing community and claim bragging rights. However, as of late, that seems to be quite a tough nut to crack.

Google Maps Photos View Count is not getting updated

Google Maps Photos View Count not updated

Numerous users have voiced their concern that view counts in the uploaded photos are not being updated in Google Maps. So even if you upload an image and users are viewing it, the view count will either be stuck at 0 or display a blank space. The issue is persistent across both the Android and iOS platforms and making matters worse is this statement from a Google Product Expert:

….It is a bug that is more than 10 years old and Google is not fixing. All you can do is to wait……

Google Maps Photos View Count
Left: 0 View Count | Right: Missing View Count

That doesn’t sound quite a promising statement, does it? Among all the gloom, the only light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that the bug is mostly affecting recently uploaded photos, the view count in older photos is still working for many. Moreover, since the Google Product Experts are aware of this bug, we might expect a rollout of a fix sooner than later [let’s just hope it’s not a decade-long wait!]. As and when that happens, we will update this post accordingly. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Fix Rolled Out

After witnessing an influx of user reports, the Silicon Valley giant seems to have acted quite swiftly this time around. A fix for the bug wherein Google Maps Photos View Count was not being updated has been rolled out, just clear the cached data of the app and then update it from the App/Play Store.

Google Maps Photos View Count