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Galaxy S24 Ultra AOD: Have Samsung Missed A Mark Here?

The newest addition to the Galaxy family brings in a slew of goodies along with itself, with the likes of a power-packed specs sheet, impressive camera, and tons of nifty AI features being the talk of the town. However, the South Korean conglomerate has also made some questionable decisions, with the inability to hide the navigation bar [due to its association with the Circle to Search feature] infuriating the masses.

While we do have some workarounds to address the aforementioned tweak, there’s a new and even more weird change that will surely result in outrage among the users. Samsung has tweaked the UI of the apps being displayed on the Always On Display screen. Instead of the bright, large, specific color app icons that gave them a unique outlook, you’ll now have all the app icons in plain white color. This will make it quite difficult to differentiate the apps from one another at first glance.

Galaxy S24 Ultra AOD: Have Samsung Missed A Mark Here?

Galaxy S24 Ultra AOD

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as even the icon size has been made smaller. And the weirdest of them all? The brightness option has been removed resulting in the AOD being always dim/dark. All in all, Samsung has completely ruined the AOD, and users are left with no choice but to pick up the phone and check from which app the notification has arrived, thereby ruining the very purpose they used AOD in the first place.

Since this isn’t a bug but rather an intended feature, one shouldn’t expect that the OEM will change it or roll back to the earlier build. If only, this new AOD style might instead be rolled out to its earlier devices as well via an OTA to maintain uniformity among its Galaxy series, thereby ruining the entire lineup in the process!

What are your views on this new UI of the AOD screen on your Galaxy S24 Ultra? Are you welcoming this new change with open hands or this is something that you should bid adieu to, if given a chance, at the very first instance? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

  • i am happy with s24 ultra. if you dont like it, dont buy it, Samsung is not forcing it on you.