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Why Asus Can’t Unlock Bootloader: Failed to Unlock Your Device

If you are planning to step into custom development, then your first course of action involves unlocking the bootloader on your device. For most devices, that simply means executing the fastboot flashing unlock command. However, Asus has taken a different route and requests you to get hold of its unlocking app which has been designed specially for your device. However, this app, for numerous Asus devices is non-accessible for the past couple of months.

Numerous users have voiced their concern that whenever they are trying to unlock the bootloader on their Asus device, they are instead greeted with the following error message: “Failed to unlock your device, please try again later”. This comes right on the heels of a rather infuriating and equally concerning news that Asus has removed the bootloader unlocking capabilities on Zenfone 9 and 10. So what’s exactly going on?

Why Asus Can’t Unlock Bootloader: Failed to Unlock Your Device

Asus Failed to Unlock Your Device

Well, there could still be some lights at the end of the tunnel. According to XDA Senior Member bnsmb, they have “got a confirmation from the ASUS support that the unlock tool is still supported and only the server used by the unlock tool is currently down”. Further cementing this statement is XDA Senior Member lilddd who has received a response from Asus, quoting:

As per your concern regarding bootloader, we regret to inform you that the phone unlock tool has been temporarily removed as we are undergoing a significant redesign at providing a better user experience and functionality.

We value your needs and understand your expectations for the phone unlock tool. Therefore, we are positively redeveloping and optimizing it to ensure that the new version meets your requirements. We anticipate completing the development in the third quarter of 2023. It will be relaunched and made available for your use.

All in all, it seems there’s just a temporary blip in the radar and these issues might iron out soon. However, even then, waiting for a couple of months just to have the device’s bootloader unlocked might be a tough time frame for numerous tech enthusiasts. So we hope that the OEM puts its pieces in place sooner than later. As and when that happens, we will update this post accordingly.