How to fix Pixel 6 Device was locked manually

Pixel 6/Pro Device was locked manually: Enter PIN instead of Fingerprint

The sixth iteration of the Pixel series beholds quite a few nifty features up its sleeves. Right out of the box, you will witness completely redesigned hardware and camera modules. On the software side, you get the latest Android 12 and a ton of Pixel exclusive goodies. Moreover, these devices are the first in the lineup to have an in-display fingerprint scanner, which is itself giving quite a hard time to the end-users.

While the clouds of uncertainty regarding its inefficient optical scanner were about to settle, there has been a new entry in this list. Quite a few Pixel 6/Pro users have voiced their concern that they are getting the Device was locked manually prompt on their device. As a result, they have to use their PIN/Password instead of their fingerprint. Just to get things straight- this prompt appears on nearly every Android device.

Pixel 6 Device was locked manually

As soon as you restart your device, the OS would prevent the usage of fingerprint and would rather ask you to type in your password or pin. This is done from the security point of view. However, the thing is this only happens the first time your device boots up after a. But that isn’t the case with the latest Pixel series. All the users who are currently facing this issue have reported that they are seeing this prompt randomly after every few hours, even though their device hasn’t undergone a reboot.

Pixel 6 Device was locked manually

So is there any method to fix the issue of the Pixel 6/Pro “Device was locked manually” wherein you are required to manually type in your PIN/Password instead of using the fingerprint? Unfortunately, the answer is in a negative tone as of now. Though some users have reported that disabling the  Smart Lock location did work out in their favor, but the majority of them spelled out a disappointment. Anyways, if you wish to try it out, then proceed ahead with the below-listed steps.

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How to Fix Pixel 6/Pro Device was locked manually

  1. To begin with, head over to the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Then go to Security and select the Smart Lock option.
    Pixel 6 Device was locked manually
  3. After that, type in your password/pin to verify the credentials.
  4. Now disable the toggle next to On-body detection, Trusted Places, and Trusted devices.
    Pixel 6 Device was locked manually
  5. Check if it manages to fix the Pixel 6/Pro “Device was locked manually”  issue.

Send Feedback to Google from your Pixel 6/Pro

If you are still getting bugged with this issue, then the only way out is to send the feedback to Google, right from your device itself. Here’s how:

  1. To begin with, head over to the Settings menu.
  2. Then scroll to the end of the page and go to Tips and Support.
  3. Now tap on the Send Feedback option situated at the end.
  4. Explain the issue in detail and then tap on the Send button situated at the top right.

The Silicon Valley giant might take a couple of days to respond to your query. In the meantime, you could also share your queries or just upvote the OP in the first and second Google Support Forums that have been made specifically for this issue.

So with this, we round off this guide on the Pixel 6/Pro “Device was locked manually”  issue. As and when there’s further development regarding this issue or any related workaround makes its way, we will update this post accordingly.

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