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OnePlus 12 might actually be DSDS instead of DSDA!

Most of the devices available in the market support Dual SIM Dual Standby, but only a handful of them support Dual SIM Dual Active. So is the latest flagship from the Chinese OEM part of this niche segment? In other words, does the OnePlus 12 support DSDA? On paper, yes! The smartphone manufacturing giant does claim that the device houses the support for Dual SIM Dual Active, however, there seems to be more than what meets the eye.

What is Dual SIM Dual Active? How does it differ from Dual SIM Dual Standby?

As is evident from its name, Dual SIM Dual Active [DSDA] allows your phone to be able to make and receive calls from both SIMs at all times. So if you are currently on call via SIM 1 and someone calls on your SIM 2 number, then the call will be placed and you could either accept it, decline it, or even merge it with the call from SIM 1.

oneplus 12 dsda

This is opposed to Dual SIM Dual Standby [DSDS] wherein only one SIM is active at a particular point in time. So how does DSDA work? Well, every Dual SIM Dual Active phone has two transmitters, one for each SIM. So if you are on a call via SIM 1, then only its transmitter will be busy, the transmitter of SIM 2 would still be active and your device could easily receive calls via it.

While this technology does have a few downsides such as the increased cost of smartphones owing to the incorporation of two transmitters and increased battery consumption, but for many, the perks outweigh the negatives and hence users are generally inclined towards the DSDA device. So this begs the all-important question- does the OnePlus 12 support Dual SIM Dual Active? Let’s find out.

Does OnePlus 12 Support DSDA?

If you head over to the OnePlus 12 official page, the OEM claims that the device supports DSDA. However, it has also explicitly mentioned that the “Feature availability may vary due to compatibility with local carriers”. So to avoid being put in hot waters, it has made its stance clear- though the device has the hardware capabilities to support this functionality, it ultimately boils down to which carrier you opt for. Or is that really the case?

oneplus 12 dsda

Well, we have seen numerous user reports wherein OnePlus 12 users with a DSDA-compatible carrier are still unable to use this feature. When they are on a call via one SIM and someone calls on the other, the call is either sent to the voicemail or the caller is notified that the number they are trying to reach is currently busy. So this clearly shows that the transmitter of SIM 2 is inactive at that point in time and hence your device is unable to receive calls via it.

oneplus 12 dsda

So where does it take us? Well, it could be the case that the OEM would rectify this issue with a subsequent OTA update or it could actually be a part of the missing puzzle from the carrier who needs to address it at the earliest. As of now,m bot the parties seem to be uninformed about this bug and hence haven’t yet taken any action.

Therefore, it is recommended that you reach out to the support staff of both, your carrier as well as OnePlus, and make them aware of this problem at the earliest. The quicker that happens, the faster a patch will be released. On that note, we round off this guide. As and when there are any further developments surrounding this story, we will update this post accordingly. Stay tuned!