nothing os 2 drawbacks

Nothing OS 2 has its minor drawbacks that still needs a discussion

For the past couple of years, this relative newcomer in the smartphone industry has created quite a ripple, with many flocking toward its offering right from the get-go [which was probably last seen with the OnePlus One]. Thanks to its impressive design, Glyph Interface, and intriguing in-house OS skin, its astronomical rise was always on the cards.

However, like every other smartphone, it does have its fair share of issues as well, but, unlike every other smartphone, its downsides aren’t being discussed by the reviewers [whether its job well done by the PR team, a case of paid reviews, or over exaggeration from my end, but there are some nitpicking that deserves your attention.

Do note that while these caveats wouldn’t make a matter of day and night and some might not even notice it, but for a subset of the user base, these unwanted UI/UX tweaks could increase their infuriating meter. So what exactly are these “minor” drawbacks in the Nothing OS 2 that we are talking about? Let’s find out.

Nothing OS 2 has its minor drawbacks that still need a discussion

nothing os 2 drawbacks

One of the weirdest changes that I came across in the Nothing Phone 2 is the positioning of the Clear All Apps button, which has been moved to the extreme left from the earlier bottom. So the option which you could have earlier accessed from any section of Recent Apps could now only be accessed once you swipe to the extreme ‘right’ until you reached the first opened app.

nothing os 2 drawbacks

And you’ll have to do this every time because the system isn’t going to remember the last left point. To make the matter worse, you now get the Screenshot option in its place. Like seriously who would go to the Recent Apps screen just to take a screenshot? Adding more to the misery is the fact that you could no longer set different ringtones for different SIM cards in the Nothing OS 2.

nothing os 2 drawbacks

I use two different SIMs, one for personal and the other for work purposes, and assign different ringtones to each. henceforth, whenever the phone rings, I can easily identify whether it’s from work or family and then depending on the situation, could decide whether to accept that call or decline it. But thanks to Nothing, this is also no longer a possibility. [Nothing seems to have taken a page or two directly from the Pixel’s book].

If I take the liberty and shift towards the hardware side for a moment, then the absence of a USB 3.0 port on Nothing Phone 2 is also resulting in quite a few issues for a niche segment. And this is exactly the problem, all these issues are affecting only a niche segment, so that could be a major reason why it isn’t getting the attention that it should have got [not that the OEM is complaining though!].

nothing os 2 drawbacks

What are your views on these minor drawbacks of the Nothing OS 2? Are these software issues going to be a major roadblock in your purchasing decision or these are just small bumps in an otherwise journey that you were willing to ride? Do drop in your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

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