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iPhone 15 Pro Touch Screen Issue: Here’s what you need to know

The fifteenth iteration the devices in the iPhone family have been plagued with quite a few issues. If we talk about the hardware side, then the overheating of the Pro series and the device getting bricked have grabbed all the limelight, and obviously not for the right reasons. On the software side, many system apps aren’t functioning along the expected lines either. And now, there has been an addition of one of the most concerning bugs to date.

Touch Screen not working on iPhone 15 Pro

For the past few days. numerous iPhone 15 Pro users have voiced their concern that the touch screen is not working along the expected lines. There isn’t any specific region where the touch fails to respond. For some, it’s the right-hand side of the screen, with the keys P, M, backspace, and send buttons whereas for others, it’s usually the A, shift, and S keys. Some are also able to reproduce the issue by customizing the wallpaper- when they quickly tap on two different colors, one will get unresponsive.

iPhone 15 Pro Touch Screen Issue

Is iPhone 15 Touch Screen not working due to Screen Protectors

Initially, there were a few reports of the culprit being the screen protectors. However, it has since been verified that the touch screen not working issue on iPhone 15 Pro is not due to screen protectors. This is because there are numerous users who have this flagship device that doesn’t have any screen protectors applied but are still facing this issue. So this takes the protectors as the plausible culprits out of the equation. But it then asks an even more important question-

iPhone 15 Pro Touch Screen Issue

Is the iPhone 15 Touch Screen not working a Hardware Issue?

Could it be that the issues with the touch screen on the iPhone 15 Pro be a result of hardware failure? Fortunately, the answer is no, and there is a high chance that this is a software issue rather than a hardware one. But how can we be so certain? Well, we tried out a touch screen test app [Touch Check] and the end result showed that the touches were registered all over the screen.

iPhone 15 Pro Touch Screen Issue

Moreover, the fact that there is no specific region where the touch fails to get registered [for some it’s the right side whereas for others that side is working perfectly normally and the left side touch is bugged] further cements our claim. 

How to Fix Touch Screen Issues on iPhone 15 Pro

So now comes the most important part of this guide- how you could fix this touch screen issue on your iPhone 15 Pro. Well, since this is a software-side bug, it will be fixed when the Cupertino giant rolls out a patch. Regarding this, it has recently released the iOS 17.0.3 as well as the iOS 17.1 public beta 2 update and the result was, well kind of, mixed.

iPhone 15 Pro Touch Screen Issue

It fixed the issue for some, but the majority of the others are still left out in the lurch. So the only silver lining is the fact that Apple is at least aware of the bug and hence should address it once and for all in a couple of OS updates. As and when that happens, we will update this post accordingly. So stay tuned.