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Using Data Transfer on iPhone 15 might brick it!

The Cupertino giant has recently rolled out its fifteenth iteration of the devices. The normal and Plus variant gets the chipset from the earlier Pro variants, an upgraded camera, dynamic island, and other tweaks. Then if we talk about the Pro and Pro Max, then it has everything that the 15/Plus has to offer, and apart from that, they are also blessed with the latest A17 bionic chipset, USB 3.0 ports, and a gaming console in its infancy stage.

All in all, the hype surrounding the newest generation of the iPhone seems to be justified, at least from the tech enthusiast’s point of view. However, the users who are lined up in front of the Apple showroom to get their hands on the latest and greatest that the Cupertino giant has to offer have to keep an extremely important point in mind.

They should not use the Data Transfer method when transferring data to their iPhone 15 or else they would have to once again line up, but this time in the Apple service center- because there is a high possibility of their device getting bricked!

Using Data Transfer on iPhone 15 might brick it!

data transfer iPhone 15 brick

When you choose “From Another [Device]” during setup to transfer apps and data from your previous iPhone to any iPhone 15 series running the latest iOS 17 or from your previous iPad to the latest iPad running the latest iPadOS 17, then your device will get stuck at the Apple logo and the only way out is to do a factory reset. This is really quite surprising as well as infuriating in equal measures, but wait, there’s more in store for you.

What’s Apple’s take on this matter? Are they even aware of this issue? Well, this is where things get interesting. Not only is Apple aware of this problem but they have listed out the steps to rectify this issue as well. So shouldn’t we appreciate their efforts in listing out the fix? Well, up to an extent yes, we should but rather than listing out the fix it makes much more sense to rectify this issue in the first place.

data transfer iPhone 15 brick

Because, as of now, I haven’t come across any user who was aware of this issue beforehand but I have come across many who straightaway opted for the Data Transfer method to transfer the files from their older iPhones over to their latest iPhone 15 and are now stuck in a bootloop. So if Apple really doesn’t want to fix this issue for now [or it’s quite low on the priority list], then it should have conveyed this important message in a more prominent manner.

As of now, only those users who will be able to reach this guide who are already stuck on this issue, the rest of the audiences [who are infact the majority of its userbase] have no clue whatsoever about this bug. So rather than waiting for the users to have their device bricked and then telling them to do a factory reset to unbrick it, the Cupertino giant could have taken a much more logical approach.

Anyway, this is how things stand as of now and articles like ours are currently the only way through which non-affected users might be aware of this issue. So make sure to share it with your iPhone 15 colleagues before it’s too late. And on that note, we round off this post regarding the iPhone getting bricked via Data Transfer. What are your views on this fiasco? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.