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Green Screen is the new issue plaguing the Pixel 7/Pro!

Ever since Google switched over to its [“Exynos based”] Tenshor chipset, it is getting bugged with quite a few issues, with the likes of abnormal battery drain, terrible GPS and modem, and excessive overheating being the front page news. Users accepted these issues because any product during its initial time frame has its fair share of issues.

pixel 7 green screen
Credit: Redditor jeggernawt

But close to two generations later and still the same old story, well this was getting quite infuriating, to say the least. And just went you thought things couldn’t get any worse, here we are with one most of the dreadful news for the Pixel 7 series users- the green screen issue has started making its presence felt.

Green Screen is the new issue plaguing the Pixel 7/Pro!

pixel 7 green screen

It all started a couple of months back when a user posted this issue on Reddit. Since he/she was the lone one with that issue and Pixel devices don’t have a history of the green screen, users tagged it as a one-off bug and didn’t give much attention to it. Fast forward two months later, and we are now witnessing reports of Pixel 7 green screen issues every other day.

pixel 7 green screen

Moreover, the reports aren’t only across Reddit, but the likes of Twitter and XDA Forums are gathering attention as well. As far as a specific condition is concerned that would trigger this issue, well, there isn’t any! From streaming videos to making calls or reading news, it could occur at any random point in time. So this then begs the all-important question:

How to Fix Green Screen in Pixel 7/Pro

As of now, restarting the device is the only workaround that is spelling out success for the users. Apart from that, doing a factory reset or [see UPDATE 2 below] updating to Android 14 Beta didn’t do any good. Moreover, if your device is under a warranty, then you could claim an RMA and get a brand-new one from Google. However, a few users have tried that out as well and the issue returned within a few days. So there’s definitely an element of uncertainty surrounding the actual cause of this issue.

pixel 7 green screen
Credits: XDA New Member green_laker

As and when [and if] Google responds/acknowledges this issue, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, there is literally nothing that could be done from your end to prevent this issue from occurring/re-occurring. So on that strangely optimistic note, we round off this post. If you have also faced this issue, then do let us know the tweak you opted for to get this issue resolved.

UPDATE: Issue Intensifies after Android 14 Update!

Initially, only a few Pixel 7/Pro users were plagued with the green screen issue. However, after installing the latest Android 14 update, there has been a drastic rise in such cases, as is evident from these posts.

UPDATE 2: Try these Fixes

While some were lucky enough to rectify this issue simply by tweaking the Color Correction settings, others had to opt for a factory reset. For the unaware, when the issue first came to light, then even a factory reset wasn’t able to resolve this bug, but now at least that’s not the case. We get that opting for such an extreme approach just to resolve an issue for which Google is solely responsible might prove to be quite infuriating, but unfortunately, we don’t have much say in this.

FIX 1: Enable Color Correction

Your first course of action should be to enable Color Correction and tweak its RGB value in such a way that best suits your need

  1. Head over to Settings > Accessibility > Colors and Motions.
  2. Then go to Color Correction and enable Use Colour Correction.
  3. Now choose the option that is in sync with your requirements.
    pixel 7 green screen

FIX 2: Factory Reset

It goes along the obvious lines that doing a reset will wipe off all the data from your device, so please take a backup, and only then proceed with the below steps:

  1. Head over to Settings > System > Reset Options.
  2. Then tap on Erase All Data > Erase All Data.pixel 7 green screen
  3. Wait for the reset to complete [it could take a while].
  4. Once done, set up your device and check if it fixes green screen in Pixel 7 Pro.

  • A simple restart works too.