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What is Dual Audio and is it Supported on Pixel 7/Pro?

In this guide, we will explain to you what exactly is Dual Audio and whether is it supported on the latest Pixel 7 Pro. If you are looking for a clean stock OS experience with the fastest OS upgrades and the best in camera quality, then the offering from the Silicon Valley giant is the best in this class. On the flip side though, it does have its fair share of downsides as well, most noticeably the battery drainage, overheating, and a sub-par modem.

So simply having a sneak peek at its price and specs sheet might not give you enough hints as to whether or not it has checkmarked its prerequisites. One such requirement or rather a query whose answer many users are looking forward to is whether Pixel 7 Pro supports Dual Audio or not. If you are also in the same boat, then this guide should help you out. Follow along.

What is Dual Audio?

dual audio pixel 7 pro

For the unaware, the Dual Audio feature allows you to listen to audio from your device to two wireless headphones/earphones at the same time. You could control the media output volume of each audio device independently without one having any impact on the other.

The feature was first introduced all the way back in 2017 by Samsung on their Galaxy S8 series device whereas Apple launched it a couple of years later with the launch of iOS 13. So six years down the lines, it should be along the obvious lines that the latest Pixel flagships should be supporting this feature as well? Let’s find out.

Does Pixel 7/Pro Supports Pixel 7 Pro

No, the Pixel 7 Pro does not support Dual Audio. As surprising and infuriating as it may sound, but that has been the case for more than five years and Google isn’t seeing a declining market simply because this feature is missing from their device, so don’t expect them to add this functionality in the near future as well. While this is the harsh reality but this is how things stand at the moment and you shouldn’t expect any change from the Silicon Valley giant in this regard either.