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Will Pixel 5A get the Android 15 OS Update? Let’s Find Out!

In this post, we will make you aware of whether or not the Pixel 5A will be blessed with the latest Android 15 update. The fifteenth iteration of the OS is just about to hop into the Developer preview bandwagon. For the unaware, these are extremely early builds and are intended just for the developers to test out some technicalities of the OS. Moroever, you won’t notice all the new features in these early builds as most of them would be hidden under code bases.

With that said, Google will soon trickle down the features with the subsequent DP builds and will ultimately make their presence felt in the beta build. Talking about which, some of the most noteworthy features include the like of support for Vulkan API, additional privacy controls, native support for app archiving, a revamped lock screen, improved Material You, and a plethora of under-the-hood changes.

As a result of which, the anticipation surrounding their release is at an all-time ight, especially among tech enthusiasts. In this regard, the Silicon Valley giant released the Android 13 build on February 10 and Android 14 on February 8, so the latest OS preview is around the corner. But will the Pixel 5A get the Android 15 OS update? Let’s find out.

Will Pixel 5A get the Android 15 OS Update?

android 15 pixel 5a

No, the Google Pixel 5A will not get the latest Android 15 OS update. This is because it has already received its fair share of 3 OS upgrades, beginning with Android 11 all the way up to Android 14. With that said, there’s still some silver lining among the dark clouds- Pixel 5A will still receive monthly updates for a few months even after the Developer Preview builds have been released. To be more precise, Pixel 5A will continue to receive security patch updates till August 2024.

So the last Pixel device not to have the Tensor chipset will be the first not to get the fifteenth iteration of the OS updates. These are quite a few firsts that it is adding to its list, but these are something that it would definitely wish to have avoided in the first place. Unfortunately, that is not possible and you’ll have to remain content with Android 14 unless you are willing to take the road less traveled.

In order words, step into the custom development and take the help of Custom ROMs like crDroid, Evolution X, and LineageOS, which will surely make their presence felt with their own Android 15 AOSP ROMs for this device sooner than later. As and when that happens, we will update this post accordingly. Interested users could take a stroll down that lane, but for now, that’s all for the Pixel 5A users. It was indeed a memory journey down the lane full of nostalgic moments!