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How to Fix Black Crush Pixel Display Issue on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

In this guide, we will show you various methods to fix the black crush pixel display issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite device. With a 6.5-inch screen, 1080 x 2400 pixel resolution, HDR 10, and 90Hz refresh rate, all this does sound quite impressive on paper. However, the irony is many users wouldn’t be able to make full use of the same, nearly half the time. The reason? Well, their device’s display is getting bugged with what we call the Black Crush.

This issue happens when the display isn’t able to properly render the black color on your screen. As a result, it will end up displaying large chunks of pixilated blocks. In general cases, a black crush happens when the video compression is quite high due to poor bandwidth. In those instances, all the colors aren’t able to render properly and hence the blend becomes all the more visible.

fix black crush display issue video dark mi 11 lite

However, as of now, users are facing this issue even when there’s nothing wrong with their network speed. Moreover, many users are having this black crush when they are either watching a video with a dark background or when they are simply scrolling through the notifications panel. If you are also on the same page, then this guide shall help you fix the black crush pixel display issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite device.

How to Fix Black Crush Pixel Display Issue on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

As of now, there’s no official fix as such. But there does exist a couple of workarounds that have been known to give variable degrees of success. Let’s check them out.

fix black crush pixel display issues on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Use the Screen Balance App

  1. Users were able to attain some degree of success after trying out this app.
  2. So head over to the Play Store, download and install the Screen Balance app.
  3. Then launch it and give it the required accessibly permission.
    fix phone black region display while watching video
  4. After that, go back to the app, drag the first slider named Daylight and drag it till you reach the fluorescent value.
  5. Finally, enable this service from the top right toggle.
  6. See if it fixes the black crush pixel display issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite device.

Install the Latest 12.0.8+ Update

Some users were able to partially fix the issue after installing the 12.0.8 update. After installing the said update, the issue was fixed in the notification shade region. However, it was still there while watching videos with a dark background. Hence this is still a temporary fix. So wait for the next OTA update to arrive and the issue should then be rectified. You might ask how could an update fix this issue?

Well, the thing is that it is indeed a software side issue. There have been many instances with devices such as Samsung S9, Asus ROG 3, and OnePlus 8 Pro facing this issue. All these three devices subsequently received the OTA update and the issue was fixed right away. So there is every chance of the issue being rectified with an update for your Xiaomi device as well.

So this was all from this guide on how to fix the black crush pixel display issues on your Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite device. As you might have noticed, there is no official documented fix as such. As and when we hear from the OEM we will update this guide accordingly.

  • Yessss !! Yesss! It worked 😍🤌🏻 thank you ver much

  • Mr. Anonymous

    I always end up in your page to see if any particular model has a problem, thx for everything sir!

  • i think this is hardware issue on all mi 11lites with tianma display

  • Karthick

    Black crush issue really irritating.I have 5 days of replacement period,can i???

    • Sadique Hassan

      Well Karthick, if you have 5 days of replacement remaining then you could consider going for another phone. As per the current scenario, the issue seems to have been fixed for many, but some are still facing it, even though they all are on the same software build.

  • They have released the new one just now,but it just fixed the movie region,still showing in pictures

  • Helpfulll!!!! 100% workkk !!

    • Sadique Hassan

      Thanks Soheil, glad that it worked out for you.

  • Faced the same issue but when I use in darkmode
    But when I switch to lite mode in mi 11 lite the issue somehow not showed up.

    I think xiaomi has to target this issue on their upcoming updates

  • Namanmori

    It’s a Hardwear issue???