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Call Volume controls not working on iOS 16.1

The latest iteration of the OS has just been released by the Cupertino giant and so has been the bugs! Well, by now it has been custom that with every incremental bump in the OS version, there are bound to be a few issues. And no, we aren’t talking about the beta builds, these issues manage to creep into the stable versions as well. Recently we coved about issues with the Alarm Clock widget, and now there has been another unwanted entry to this list.

Call Volume controls are not working on iOS 16.1

Call Volume controls not working on iOS 16.1

This time around, numerous users have voiced their concern that the volume controls are not working during calls on iOS 16.1. In order to increase or decrease the volume of the call, they would first have to move their phone away from their ear, this will then awaken the display, and only then will they be able to change the volume.

It goes without saying that this bug is causing a great deal of inconvenience to the end users. As far as the culprit behind this issue is concerned many are pointing fingers at the new accessibility setting that allows you to end the call with the press of the power button. But it might not be the reason because disabling this functionality makes no effect whatsoever on the bug.

Call Volume controls not working on iOS 16.1

As far as the official confirmation on this matter is concerned, well many users have been filing reports ever since the first beta build, so Apple might definitely be aware of this issue. However, even the latest iOS 16 Beta 2 version has this bug, so it seems the tech giant isn’t currently giving much attention to it. Once there’s any change in plan and they acknowledge this bug or more importantly, gives an ETA for the roll-out of a patch, we will update this guide accordingly.