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Why is Samsung Default Video Player Missing from App Drawer

In this guide, we will make you aware of the reason why the default video player is missing from your Samsung device’s app drawer. The South Korean conglomerate has recently launched its newest flagships which beholds a slew of intriguing features and some noteworthy AI tweaks. Likewise, it houses the latest One UI 6.1 based on Android 14.

If we turn our attention toward its app catalog, then it continues the legacy of its predecessor by incorporating tons of bloatware apps [though many of them could be removed via ADB]. However, there was one app that was actually quite useful but has suddenly disappeared into thin air. We are talking about Samsung’s very own Video Player app.

Why is Samsung’s Default Video Player Missing from App Drawer

Why is Samsung Default Video Player Missing from App Drawer

Samsung’s default video player still comes preinstalled on your device, however, as opposed to earlier times, you can no longer access it from the app drawer. So while you will still be able to play videos via that app, however, it can’t be launched from within the home screen or the app drawer.

So this begs the all-important question- what’s the reason behind this move? Well, according to many unofficial reports, the OEM has decided to bid adieu to this app for good. It will no longer update the app and even remove it from the Store. However, it will still continue to work for those who already have it installed.

Is there a ‘Fix’?

As of now, one obvious course of action is to open the gallery, select the desired video, tap on the overflow icon, and then choose “Open in video player” > Always. However, if you are looking to have the app’s shortcut on the home screen, then you’re out of luck unless you are willing to take the help of a third-party app.

In this regard, you could install the Shortcut Maker app from Play Store > launch it > go to its Apps section > select the Video Player > and drag and drop its icon to an empty region on your home screen. On that note, we round off this post regarding the missing default video player from Samsung’s app drawer. What are your views on this interesting/infuriating decision from Samsung? Do share your valuable options with us in the comments section below.