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OnePlus 9/Pro Android 12 Stable or Open Beta 3: It’s all messed up!

In this guide/discussion post, we will be listing out all the issues, confusion, and fixes that seem to have stemmed out after the recent Android 12 Stable or Open Beta 3 update for the OnePlus 9/Pro. The Chinese OEM has picked up a downward spiral during the past year or so and it doesn’t seem they are in any condition to make any improvements to this. With each new OS upgrade, they are only making the matter worse. And in all of this, the users are proving to be the ultimate sufferers.

The general rollout for any update follows the Alpha (closed testing) -> Beta -> Stable schedule. The main task of releasing alpha and beta updates is to iron out all the bugs and patch the underlying issues. However, it seems that OnePlus now directly jumps over to the Stable build, without testing it in the alpha or beta stage! Just a few months back, the OEM ruined the stable update for the 7th series, and the same could now be seen with the Android 12 stable or Open Beta 3 update for its OnePlus 9 device.

OnePlus 9/Pro Android 12 (OxygenOS 12) “Stable” Update: +1 to the Bugs

OnePlus 9 Pro Android 12 Stable Open Beta 3

At the time of writing, these are just some of the bugs that various users have documented across the OnePlus, Reddit, and XDA Forums.

  • First and foremost, is the issues with the mobile network. This has resulted in the inability of the users to place calls, send and receive messages, or use the carrier data [fix in this guide].
  • The apps (such as the Dialer/Phone app) present on the home screen doesn’t seem to be accessible for some. They have to launch the Play Store and then open that app from there.
  • The device is stuck at 60Hz most of the time.
  • The Icon field in the Personalization section crashes at regular intervals.
  • All the app permissions (for location/microphone/files/camera/etc) are all reset to the factory default state.
  • The Local Upgrade as well as other system update options are not visible under the Update Settings page.
    OnePlus 9 Pro Android 12 Stable Open Beta 3
  • Taling about updates, many are getting a message that the ‘system update is available but only the owner can upgrade’. All these users only have their primary Google account signed onto their devices so this error is creating an element of uncertainty in the minds of users.
    OnePlus 9 Pro Android 12 Stable Open Beta 3
  • However, at the time of writing, this issue isn’t of much concern because I got in touch with the users who are getting bugged with this issue, and surprisingly all of them have already updated their device to Android 12. So it seems to be just a false positive alert as of now.

Just to reiterate, all these bugs are in the stable Android 12 update (or Open Beta 3?) for the OnePlus 9/Pro devices! Moving on, let’s discuss another major confusion that has recently made its way over to this device.

OnePlus 9/Pro Android 12 Stable or Open Beta 3: What’s the Difference

A couple of days back, OnePlus rolled out the Open Beta 3 update for its ninth iteration of devices. And a couple of days later, it has released the stable OxygenOS 12 update. So what’s the difference between both these packages? Well, the build number for both these updates is exactly the same and as far as the changes are concerned, there doesn’t seem to be any! But this has then led to major confusion, which might work out in our favor?

Updating OnePlus 9/Pro from Open Beta 3 to Android 12 Stable: Downgrade or Update?

Generally, when you go from Open beta to Stable, you are performing a downgrade? So if you install in such situations, you might be greeted with the error message that  “the version of your selected Package is lower than that of the current system“. Moreover, since it is categorized as a downgrade, your device will have to undergo a reset before you could install the stable build. And also keep in mind that you could only flash a stable build over a beta version as long as that stable build has a higher version.

OnePlus 9 Pro Android 12 Stable Open Beta 3

But the sudden rollout of the Open Beta 3 Update for the OnePlus 9/Pro seems to have made the matter much easier for us. Since the build number for Open Beta 3 and Android 12 Stable is now the same, you should be able to install the latter over the former without undergoing a reset (as we aren’t doing a downgrade now!). So the users who are currently on the Open Beta 3 should be able to update their OnePlus 9/Pro to the stable Android 12 without any reset.

Update OnePlus 9/Pro from Open Beta 2 to Android 12 Stable

Some users have confirmed that they were able to update from Open Beta 2 to Android 12 Stable without any data loss. So if that is indeed the case, then I don’t see any need as such to install the Open Beta 3 update in between. Anyways, the ultimate decision rests in your hands and you should double-check before proceeding ahead.

If you are indeed willing to try it out, then make sure to install the Keep Data APK as well. The order should be as follows: Install the Update > DO NOT REBOOT > Install the APK > Reboot. This might help you in preserving the data.

Cannot Update OnePlus 9/Pro from Open Beta 2 to Open Beta 3?

Since there is no reset involved when updating from Open Beta 3 to Android 12 stable, hence users are first willing to install the former before opting for the latter one. Bur that is proving to be easier said than done. Many of them have voiced their concern that the Open Beta 3 package is not showing under the Local Upgrade menu. The only fix as of now involves you to first downgrade to Android 11, then update to the Android 12 Open Beta 1 build. Once the OB1 is installed, you will subsequently get the OB2 and OB3 updates as normal OTAs.

More to Follow….

So with this, we round off the guide on the Android 12 Open Beta 3 updates for the OnePlus 9/Pro devices. We will be regularly updating this post with more tips, tricks, workarounds, issues, and their fixes. Moreover, if you have installed the update onto your device, then please share your valuable inputs in the comments section below.