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How to Play Snake Game Eat the Playlist on Spotify

In this guide, we will show you the steps to play the snake game ‘Eat the Playlist’ on Spotify. When it comes to music streaming services, then there’s no denying the fact Spotify is among the best in this domain. Moreover, it beholds a slew of intriguing features and some hidden gems as well, mostly in the form of easter eggs.

Talking about which, the latest one to make its way is the snake game on Spotify which has been titled ‘Eat the Playlist’. So what exactly is this game and how you could get hold of it? let’s check them out.

What is ‘Eat the Playlist’ on Spotify

eat the playlist spotify

If there’s one game that hardly needs an introduction of any sort, then it has to be Snake. This first made its way in the 1990s on Nokia devices and has since outgrown itself in popularity and stature as well. For the newer generation which might not have come face to face with this masterclass, well, your character is a snake who needs to eat the dots to keep on growing and at the same time, make sure that you don’t hit your tail or the borders of the screen.

eat the playlist spotify

While it might not sound like an interesting adventure on paper, but trust us, it’s definitely worthy of a try. Talking about which, Spotify has incorporated this Snake game in the form of ‘Eat the Playlist’ which has quickly become the talk of the town. In the case of this streaming service, the snake will be in the of the playlists which you already have in your arsenal.

For its further growth, you’ll have to eat as many playlists as possible, without being killed [the same way as before- hitting your tail or the edges]. So on that note, let’s make you aware of the steps to give this game a try right away.

How to Play ‘Eat the Playlist’ on Spotify

  1. Launch Spotify and select a playlist of your choice.
  2. Once you have opened a playlist, scroll to the bottom.
  3. You should see the ‘Eat This Playlist’ option, tap on it.
  4. Now just start eating your favorite playlists right away!

That’s it. These were the steps to play the snake game ‘Eat the Playlist’ on Spotify. Do let us know your valuable opinions about this hidden classic in the comments section below.