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Has Xiaomi Stopped Bootloader Unlocking Process?

Stepping into the custom development allows you to welcome abode custom ROMs and recoveries, gain administrative access by rooting via Magisk, and flash tons of modules. However, before you can carry out any of these tweaks, you’ll have to checkmark an important prerequisite off the list- the bootloader on your device should be unlocked. The process is quite straightforward as most OEMs simply require you to execute the fastboot flashing unlock command.

However, Xiaomi always likes to make things complicated. And same is the case here as well. From adding your account for authorization purposes, taking ages to send the OTP] and on top of all that, waiting for 7 days before you can initiate the process, things couldn’t be any worse. Or could it be? Well there’s some worrying news coming forward in this regard even after passing the 168-hour waiting time, they are still facing some strange roadblocks in the unlocking process.

Xiaomi Stopped Bootloader Unlocking

To be more specific, users are getting error messages along the lines of “MI Unlock Tool Error 10013″, “This device has been activated for less than 7 days”, and “This device is not activated”. They are getting these errors even though their device is already activated and they have waited for the said duration as well.

Xiaomi Stopped Bootloader Unlocking

All this only adds more fuel to the fire regarding the recent rumors doing the rounds that Xiaomi will stop the bootloader unlocking process now that it is making a shift from MIUI to HyperOS. So what exactly is going on? Let’s find out.

Has Xiaomi Stopped the Bootloader Unlocking Process?

Xiaomi Stopped Bootloader Unlocking

So let’s address the elephant in the room- No, Xiaomi has not stopped the bootloader unlocking process. You will still be able to get this job done as you used to do earlier using the Mi Unlock Tool. But how can be so sure about that? Well, one of the Xiaomi Team Members has cemented this statement on Weibo by stating the following:

Recently information has been circulating that we plan to stop unlocking and booting new devices, but we would like to solemnly state that this is completely false information, has never been officially released, and has no relevant plans….. Unlocking and guiding has always been an important policy for us, and we will not change this direction….

Xiaomi Stopped Bootloader Unlocking

As far as the aforementioned error messages are concerned, well make sure that you are carrying out all the steps correctly, as explained in this guide. In rare cases, it could be a temporary glitch in the Xiaomi servers as well, which is usually rectified within a couple of weeks. So on that note, we round off this guide. if there’s any further development surrounding this story, we will update this post accordingly. So stay tuned.