Pixel Watch App Notification Settings

Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings

When it comes to the smartwatch domain, then many were eagerly awaiting the offering from the Silicon Valley giant. Once it made its presence felt, it’s safe to say that the initial impression was generally on the positive side. However, it does tend to hit a few roadblocks every now and then. For instance, Google has recently rolled out a new update version 1.4 for its Pixel Watch which ended up resetting all its app notification settings.

Pixel Watch Update 1.4 Resets App Notification Settings

During the initial setup via your smartphone, you checkmark the list of apps from which you want notifications on your watch. However, that has been reset now and you will be receiving prompts even from those apps which you had earlier turned off. As far as the rectification measures are concerned, your only way out is to re-set up the notification settings from your phone.

In this regard, some users are witnessing another related bug after installing the latest v1.4 update. According to them, even if they turn off the notification toggle next to an app, it is still shown as enabled. We were able to replicate this issue on our end and found out that it is just a UI bug, in the backend the settings have been applied and you will no longer receive notifications from that app on your watch.

On the positive side though, the update did bring in a few bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements as well. Here’s the changelog of the same:

Pixel Watch App Notification Settings

  • “You can now use your Google Account with the Pixel Watch app.”
  • “Link your watch to a Google Account in the Watch app. If you don’t link your watch to an account, you can find it under the “Use without an account” section.”
  • “Your devices have moved to a new section that can be accessed through the top left icon. There you can easily switch between your devices or add a new one.”
  • “Bug fixes to improve the quality of the Watch app.”

So on that note, we round off this guide. Were your Google Pixel Watch app notification settings also reset after installing the update v1.4 or were you among the few lucky ones who managed to escape this bug? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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