Download OnePlus Nord Stock Boot Image AC01BA Europe

From this guide, you could download the OnePlus Nord Stock Boot Image AC01BA Europe variant.

oneplus nord firmware payload bin

Once you have downloaded the file, refer to our guide to Patch Stock Boot Image via Magisk and Flash it using Fastboot. On that note, don’t forget to check out our other OnePlus Nord Articles as well.

Proceed with caution with the above files. Droidwin or any of its members won’t take any responsibility if something happens to your device.


As promised, these were the required OnePlus Nord stock boot image AC01BA Europe variant file. Downloading these heavy 2.5+GB firmware files and then carrying out the extraction process via Python has taken quite a lot of precious time. Therefore, Droidwin requests everyone who wishes to make use of these files in their websites to kindly attribute the credits to this site. It would mean a lot to us 🙂