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Galaxy S23 Ultra: High bitrate videos in 8K 30fps mode issue

In this guide, we will be discussing the latest fiasco surrounding the high bitrate videos in 8K 30fps mode on Galaxy S23 Ultra. Numerous flagships nowadays support video recording in 8K and the latest offering from Samsung is no different either. However, right since day 1 it has been in the news, and not necessarily for all the right reasons. Initially, numerous users had reported about stuttering issues while recording in 8K.

Galaxy S23 Ultra High bitrate videos in 8K 30fps

With the latest update, the South Korean giant seems to have addressed this issue, but not in the way that many would have liked. According to the affected users, right after installing the July Update, the high-bitrate videos option in 8K 30fps mode is missing from their Galaxy S23 Ultra, while for others, high-bitrate has been restricted to 80 Mbit/s bitrate [earlier this number could even go up to 200!]. So this is the all-important question- is there a fix? Let’s find out.

Galaxy S23 Ultra: Fix High bitrate videos in 8K 30fps mode issue?

Galaxy S23 Ultra High bitrate videos in 8K 30fps

Generally, the best way to rectify these issues is to remove the newly installed firmware and downgrade the device to the earlier stable build, which in the case of Samsung could be done via Odin after downloading the firmware via Frija or Samfw website. Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible now as the binary version of the bootloader has been changed to 3, thereby restricting us from doing a downgrade.

Galaxy S23 Ultra High bitrate videos in 8K 30fps
The Culprit: July Update

With that said, we also noticed that the firmware update had updated the camera version from to So you could try downgrading the camera app by heading over to Settings > Apps > Camera > tap on the overflow icon and then choose the Uninstall Updates option. Try out this tweak and check if it fixes the high bitrate videos issue in 8K 30FPS mode on Galaxy S23 Ultra.