Android 13 Notifications greyed out

Android 13 Notifications greyed out “At Your Request”!

In this guide, we will be discussing a rather intriguing Android 13 development wherein the notifications are greyed out “At Your Request”! While the thirteenth iteration of the OS hasn’t bought many UI changes but a lot has happened in the backend with this OS upgrade. These include the restrictions placed while sideloading an APK as well as on the Data and OBB folder. And now there has been another entry to this list.

Android 13 Notifications greyed out

Numerous users have voiced their concern that the Notification toggle for some apps has been greyed out on their devices running Android 13. Just beneath that, they are getting the following message “At your request, Android is blocking this app’s notifications from appearing on this device”. But contrary to what the OS says, the users haven’t made any tweaks to the notification settings on their devices. So why is this happening?

Why Android 13 Notifications are greyed out “At Your Request”?

Android 13 Notifications greyed out

Well, this is due to the underlying change in the notifications settings that Google has introduced in Android 13. But as of now, most of the apps haven’t yet been updated to be compatible with this change. This is because this new notification rule has even caught the app developers by surprise! As far as the affected apps are concerned, some of the noteworthy ones include Google Camera [seriously!], Pixel Stand, Outlook Beta, Malwarebytes, Netflix, Freebee, and Letterboxd.

Android 13 Notifications greyed out

How to Fix Android 13 Notifications greyed-out issue?

So let’s now address the elephant in the room- how could you quash out this “issue”? Well, unfortunately, there’s nothing that could be done from your end to enable the notifications of these apps. it lies completely in the hands of the developers as to when they would roll out an update that will make their app compatible with this new notification setting. At the very most, you could get in touch with the concerned developer and inform them about the same.

Android 13 Notifications greyed out

So this was all from his guide regarding the Android 13 notifications that have been greyed out “at our request” even though we never explicitly asked for the same! Anyways, as soon as there is any further development surrounding this story, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, you may drop in your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

UPDATE 1: Camera App Greyed Out is an Intended Change!

So initially it was assumed that the greyed notification for the Google camera app was due to an underlying bug, however, it has now been verified by Google Support Forum Diamond Product Expert that it is not a bug but rather an intended change. And if you believe that it doesn’t make any sense, then wait till you hear the reasoning behind this.

Android 13 Notifications greyed out

According to that same expert, this has been implemented because the “Camera app does not send out any useful notifications anyway, so they were disabled“! Well, well, we could list out a plethora of reasons why it doesn’t make an iota of sense but since Google has already made up its mind, there’s no point in further ranting about it.

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  1. I use an app, Listen Audiobook Player, with this issue. I have been emailing with the developer and just sent him this article.

    Is the fix for the notification switch being greyed-out documented?

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