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Select All Missing from Safari on iOS 16.4

The Select All option is missing from the Safari browser after the latest iOS 16.4 update. When it comes to the browser domain, then the default built-in offering from the Cupertino giant is more than sufficient for the wider audiences in getting their everyday job done with ease. Moreover, similar to other browsers, it beholds a slew of nifty features such as the ability to select the entire text just by highlighting a single word.

Select All Missing from Safari on iOS 16.4

Select All Missing from Safari on iOS 16.4

In this regard, you just need to long press on any word, and then choose the Select All option. Doing so will select the entire text on that website. But that is providing to be easier said than done for the users who are on the latest OS build. Numerous iOS 16.4 users have voiced their concern that the Sleect All option has now been removed from the Safari browser. In place of that, they now get the Find Selection option, which doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever.

Select All Missing from Safari on iOS 16.4

While this in itself is a useful feature, but how could it substitute for the Select All feature is beyond anyone’s guess. With that said, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest whether it’s an intended change from Apple or just a bug. Let’s just hope that it’s the latte,r because if this is a decisive move from the tech behemoth, then there are definitely going to be quite a few backlashes from the end users. And that will be completely justified.

What are your views on the missing Select All option from the Safari browser after the latest iOS 16.4 update? Will it affect your workflow in a substantial manner or you didn’t interact with this feature much in the first place so it wouldn’t matter even if this feature was intentionally removed? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

  • As always apple limiting the freedom of the user.

  • Those of use who need glasses of some sort to read on a mobile device like an iPhone or an iPad do use ‘Select All’ then ‘Speak’.

    This helps to not have more unnecessary ‘screen time’, allows multi-tasking, and is key for those with visual hurdles to gain knowledge, while the spoken content is piped to our earbuds or speakers.

    From a usability and disability perspective, Apple has taken a major step back by removing the ‘Select All’ function that would have normally appeared when selecting text in an IOS browser. The fact that they may not realize that such a change like this is detrimental, is poor situational awareness in itself.

    Of course the default spoken voice on both IOS and MacOS devices both needed updating by me, to make it more human sounding, and slowed down a tad to be able to digest what is being said. Not sure why the feel they must default to robotic speech, or feel they must wait 2 to 3 years to mature new features found on competitor’s mobile devices…

    This just might push me to adopt a non-IOS device for my next device refresh cycle, which is already due…