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Pixel 7A yellow tint and washed out display: It’s just Pixel things!

Pixel 7A’s yellow tint and washed-out display are here to haunt the device owners right from day 1! The awkward middle child of the Pixel family has just made its presence felt and this time around it’s closer to its older sibling [the Pixel 7] than ever before [while that’s a great thing from the features point of view but not so from the price perspective].

Moreover, Pixel devices have been known to offer some of the best software experiences that any smartphone has to offer. This coupled with its impressive AI tweaks in the camera, recorder, calling, and other domains makes these devices quite an easy recommendation. Or is that really the case?

Pixel 7A washed out display issues

Pixel devices have never been known to blow you away with their hardware capabilities, and for most users, that’s completely fine as long as you’re looking to carry out your everyday tasks. However, what baffles me is the astronomical amount of bugs that it gets bugged with, which is an all-time high when the device is just been launched and then slowly trickles down over the subsequent months with OTA updates.

Pixel 7A yellow tint and washed-out display: It’s just Pixel things!

Pixel 7A washed out display

The aforementioned trend has been going with the earlier iteration of Pixel and the latest entry to its family has made sure to keep this legacy alive. As far as the Pixel 7A is concerned, many users have voiced their concern regarding the low brightness, washed-out display, yellow tint, the unpopular rainbow effect, and screen flickering all at one go. Now that’s something!

Pixel 7A washed out display

Most of these issues have already been reported by the Pixel 7 and Pro users earlier as well, so it seems Google doesn’t seem to learn from its past mistakes. The only silver lining among the dark cloud is the fact that most of these issues might infact be software related. This is because they usually tend to occur under low brightness conditions, on dark screens, and when the ‘Extra Dim’ feature is enabled.

Pixel 7A washed out display

However, Google is yet to comment on this issue, so you should take this news with a pinch of salt. As and when [and more importantly if] they acknowledge these bugs or give out any ETA for the rollout of a fix, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, please let us know in the comments if your Pixel 7A is exhibiting any of these issues with regard to low brightness, washed-out display, yellow tint, or screen flickering.