iOS 16.2 Gapless Playback

iOS 16.2 brings back the Gapless Playback issue!

Many users on the latest iOS 16.2 update are reporting issues with the Gapless Playback. Even though it’s just an incremental update, the latest OS release has bought in a slew of goodies this time around. These include the likes of Advanced Data Protection, Freeform App, changes to the AOD, and a slew of other features. On the flip though, a plethora of bugs seems to have made its way as well.

iOS 16.2 brings back the Gapless Playback issue

iOS 16.2 Gapless Playback

While issues with AOD, App Store, and ADP are yet to be addressed, a new one has already made its way. As of now, numerous users have voiced their concern that Gapless Playback is not working along the expected lines on iOS 16.2. According to the affected users, every other song played on Apple Music on a live album or Gapless mix tends to have a half-second gap between every other song.

Some have also said that while the first repeat is gapless, the second repeat has a gap of 0.5 seconds. In other words, the odd repeats are gapless whereas the even repeats tend to have a gap. Moreover, this issue isn’t only limited to iPhones, even the HomePod OG and its Mini version are currently encapsulated by this bug after being updated to iOS 16.2. So this begs the all-important question- 

Is there a fix?

Unfortunately, not yet, this is because the issue isn’t widespread and is only being faced by a handful of users, so it didn’t manage to grab the attention of the masses, and more importantly, the Apple Developers. So let alone anyETA for a fix, there isn’t even acknowledgment for this issue as of now. Once either of these two things happens, we will update this post accordingly.

iOS 16.2 Gapless Playback

In the meantime, it is recommended that you report this bug to Apple via the Feedback Assistant App so that they get notified of the same and start working on its patch at the earliest. Let’s hope this time around this issue doesn’t end up taking the shape that the dreaded iOS 15.4 update resulted in. 

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  1. This is very frustrating. iOS 16 finally fixed the bug caused by 15.4 and now it’s back. As much as I don’t like Spotify this is making me want to switch.

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