How to Disable Delete and Report Junk when Deleting Message in iOS 16

In this guide, we will be discussing about the new Delete and Report Junk option that is accessible while deleting a message in iOS 16. The sixteenth iteration of the OS has bought in quite a few noteworthy features and UI changes to the fore. While the former has been welcomed with open hands, the same cannot be said for the latter. Recently, we reported about many user’s infuriation with the Allow Paste prompt that appears every time you paste something from the clipboard.

And now, there has been another entry to this list, but this time the users are having a divided opinion. For the unaware, when you delete a message thread in iOS 16, then you would now get an additional Delete and Report Junk option, apart from the usual Delete Message and Cancel options. So if you are getting messages from an unknown contact, then reporting them is now just a tap away. So where lies the issue?

Why users are against the Delete and Report Junk feature in iOS 16?

delete and report junk ios 16

According to many users, the issue is with the positioning of this option. Many users are ending up unintentionally reporting a legitimate message as junk. For example, messages from courier delivery, banks, OTP, and Two Factor Authentication codes all come from a number that isn’t saved in their phone. So for each of these messages, iPhone displays the Report Junk option, which users end up accidentally tapping on.

While on paper it might sound like a silly mistake to do, but trust us, if your hands are set on a particular action for ages then you get used to it and you might end up committing that action even before you realize it. So for these set of users, they are voicing their concern that not all unknown numbers are junk and hence the option to report them as junk shouldn’t appear in this location.

According to them, Apple should have placed this option at a different location, such as on long pressing a thread. Moreover, users have said that if they really want to report a message, they could easily do so by getting in touch with their carrier. This then brings us to our second set of users who are in fact welcoming the addition of this feature.

Why some are favoring the Delete and Report Junk feature?

According to this batch of users, they no longer have to take the long route of reporting spam, as they could now directly do so from the message screen itself. Moreover, they are strictly against the notion that this is a UI/UX drawback because this isn’t something that Apple has hidden or made transparent. It’s right in front of you.

delete and report junk ios 16

So if someone accidentally ends up interacting with this option then it is completely their fault, and not Apple’s. Well, this seems to be a never-ending debate with no fix in sight. But in between all this, one question has been asked quite a lot-

How to Disable Delete and Report Junk in iOS 16?

Unfortunately, you cannot disable the Report Junk option when deleting a message in iOS 16. The only course of action that you could take is to give your feedback about this to Apple using its dedicated website.

Still, you shouldn’t expect any action on this until and unless the Cupertino giant gets enough negative feedback about this feature, which judging by the looks of it, isn’t going to happen as one-half of the population is in sync with the addition of this feature.

On that note, we round off this guide about the new Delete and Report Junk option that is accessible while deleting a message in iOS 16. Are you in favor of this new functionality or strongly against it? Do let us know your valuable options in the comment section below.