Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

Google Pixel 6 Pro Overheating? Here’s one way to Fix it!

In this guide, we will show you the steps to fix the Pixel 6/Pro overheating issue by taking a slightly technical approach. The latest flagships from the Silicon Valley giant behold quite a few nifty features up its sleeves. Among them, it is the in-house Tensor chipset that managed to grab the attention of the masses. However, that isn’t the only news that was the talk of the town.

Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

Right since its inception, it was bugged with quite a few issues, with the December update being the icing on the cake. While most of these bugs were ironed out sooner than later, there is one underlying issue that still seems to be left unaddressed. Many users have frequently voiced their concern that their Pixel 6/Pro faces overheating issues even on carrying out minimal tasks that aren’t resource-intensive in nature.

Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

Be it for navigating via Maps, listening to songs via Spotify, doing video calls, or even recording videos, this issue seems to pop out in all these scenarios. Along with that, users are constantly getting the “Phone turned off due to heat” notifications.

Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

The only way out is to keep your device idle for a few minutes, which is neither the most viable nor the most feasible approach. So what could be the next course of action? Well, there does exist a nifty workaround that shall help you address this concern. Without any further ado, let’s check it out.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Overheating? Try this Custom Kernel!

Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

While there are a few OS and battery-related tweaks that you could give a shot at, however, they don’t seem to be giving out the best results. So what else could be done? Well, you might have to take the road less traveled and give a shot at one of the [or perhaps the most popular] custom kernels made for the Pixel 6 series.

We are talking about the Kirisakura Kernel, which, apart from the usual kernel tweaks, gives special attention to improving the device’s efficiency and performance by making sure that the memory and system resources are consumed in an equilibrium manner. In this regard, some of its noteworthy features include:

  • increase throughput for memory reclaim,
  • speed up scheduler during the interaction,
  • prevent frequency spikes caused by small transient tasks,
  • scheduler improvements for real-time tasks,
  • restrict maximum CPU-Freqs during screen off/ idle,
  • use improved energy model,
  • allow GPU to scale down to 150mhz,
  • only use little cores during screen off/device suspend

So if you wish to give this kernel a try, then do check out our guide on How to Install Kirisakura Custom Kernel on Google Pixel 6 Pro. However, it is recommended that you only try out this tweak if you have prior experience in stepping into the custom development and dealing with mods. Moreover, it is also advised that you take a complete device backup beforehand.

Pixel 6 Pro Overheating

So on that note, we round off this guide on how you could fix the Pixel 6/Pro overheating issue by flashing a custom kernel. Do let us know if this workaround spelled out success for you or not. Likewise, if you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.

Fix Pixel 6 overheating after Android 13 Update

There’s another culprit roaming the streets and it has upped its antics right after Android 13 went live. But before it gets too late, it’s time to restrict its activities at the earliest. So refer to this guide to know how this could be done [hint: it’s related to the Samsung Health App].

Pixel 6 Pro overheating Android 13

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