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Get Horizon Light from Oneplus 8 on your OnePlus 6T

The 2018 OnePlus 6T has been a great phone ever since its launch. It has the flagship-level specifications from 2018 like the Snapdragon 845 processor. An in-display fingerprint scanner and a tear-drop notch AMOLED display. Not on;y that, ever since its launch, the phone have received great support from custom ROMS and MODS development. Oneplus phones have been really great in terms of customisations via root. So the recently launched Oneplus 8 series got a new feature called as horizon light. It is an alternative to what notification LED light used to do. Lights run across the borders of the screen to notify you whenever a new notification comes. this has been now ported to Oneplus 6T. Now users can get Horizon light on their Oneplus 6T as well.

Since these days its an era of bezel-less displays so there’s practically not much room is left for a notification LED light to fit in. In such scenarios, if you are a person who needs anything like a notification light, users must try this magisk module of horizon light it will be very much handy and useful for them.

Get Horizon Light on Oneplus 6T

Recently an XDA developer was able to port this feature for Oneplus 6t through a Magisk Module. So if you want to get the Horizon light on your Oneplus 6t you need to have an unlocked bootloader along with Magisk installed on your phone.

The developer also claims that the phone must be running on the latest Oxygen OS that is 10.3.5 as it is tested on that version only.

How To Install

  1. Ensure that you are on OxygenOS
  2. Ensure that you have installed Magisk
  3. Install Overlay Mount Fix via: ‘Magisk – Downloads’
  4. Install this mod via Magisk manager via: ‘Magisk – Modules – select the ‘+’ symbol’
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Now download the Horizon Light module from here.
  7. Install the module using Magisk manager- Magisk- modules – select the + symbol and select the zip file you just downloaded.
  8. Reboot your device.
  9. Enable/Re-enable display notifications in: ‘Settings – Display – Ambient Display – New notifications


Now that you have got the horizon light enabled you must try to use it should work whenever a new notification comes in. Also, don’t forget to install the ‘overlay mount fix’ module, otherwise, it might not work on your phone. Apart from this, users can even try a few other Magisk modules from the downloads section of Magisk manager.