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[UPDATED] Download Xiaomi/Redmi Devices Stock Firmware- All Variants

From this guide, you could download the Stock Firmware for all Xiaomi and Redmi devices. For the unaware, Xiaomi and Redmi have parted ways, therefore I have mentioned them as separate entities.  In total, over 50 devices’ firmware, belonging to Xiaomi and Redmi, is included in the guide.

Whenever one talks about a feature-packed yet affordable smartphone, Xiaomi is probably the only phone that comes to the mind. Right since the launch of Redmi 1 it has followed a simple rule- provides as much feature as possible at the minimum possible cost. But it took this to an absolutely next level by launching the Pocohone F1. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM and a huge 4000mAh, it made a mark of itself in the mobile industry.

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Although some issues began to creep in the Pocophone, it corrected itself by launching the Redmi K20 PRO. Such is its performance and specifications, that many have even called it the ‘OnePlus killer’. only time will tell whether it justifies this tagline or not. But one thing is certain- there is a lot of development going on with all the Xiaomi devices. This includes the custom ROMs, recoveries, various tips, tricks, and tweaks, etc. But these modifications are directly proportional to the software related problems.

So, if ever your device gets soft-bricked or the apps start functioning absurdly, then probably the best bet would be to flash the stock firmware. This would make your device completely back to stock- as it came out from the factory. Therefore download the stock firmware for your Xiaomi and Redmi devices from below.

Download Stock Firmware for Xiaomi Devices

From this section, you could download the stock firmware of over 50 devices belonging to Xiaomi and Redmi devices. 

So this was a detailed guide consisting of the Stock Firmware for all Xiaomi and Redmi devices. If your device is not in the list, do let me know either in the comments section or over at the Request Page. Happy Flashing!