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Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock 24803: Why is this happening?

When it comes to unlocking the device’s bootloader, then OEMs like Xiaomi and Asus try their best to complicate the matter as much as possible. In this regard, Xiaomi has always been at the top of the list, but that might no longer be the case as Asus has literally made it impossible to get this job done.

Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock [24803]

If a process requires an intervention from the OEM [especially when dealing with custom development], then there are bound to be a few roadblocks. For instance, in the case of Asus, if you are planning to unlock the bootloader, then you’ll have to remain completely dependent on Asus as to when they release the unlock APK. Up until the end of April, it usually took only a few months.But since then, everything changed, and for worse.

Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock 24803

Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock [24803]

From May 2023, Asus stopped releasing the unlock APK for most of its devices. When users voiced their concern about the same on the official forum, they got the response that “The Unlock App Service will undergo maintenance starting from May 2nd, 2023. During the maintenance period, users will not be able to perform device unlocking”.

Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock [24803]

While the OEM didn’t mention the maintenance period, but we assumed it to be a few weeks or a month or two at the very max, But no one thought it could last till eternity. So this begs an important question- is Asus really doing any maintained work or just using that statement as a placebo effect to stop releasing its Unlock APK? Let’s find out.

The Curious Case of Zenfone 9/10

Recently a user got in touch with the Asus Spain Support Team and asked about the delay in the release of the APK, and much to the response of everyone, here’s what they had to say: “Unlocking the bootloader is not possible and will no longer be possible in the future. Both Zenfone 9 and 10 models cannot be unlocked”.

unlock bootloader zenfone 9

While Asus soon released a statement negating the aforementioned statement [according to them, the “phone unlock tool has been temporarily removed”], but the damage had been done by then. So joining all the dots, we could see the possibility that Asus might be planning to remove the ability to unlock the bootloader on its device in the near future.

Asus Bootloader Failed to unlock [24803]

While this will surely impact the purchasing decision of the tech enthusiasts like us, but nowadays, few OEMs have started pushing the geeks out of the picture and are only focusing only on the generic audience [did anyone say OnePlus?]. Anyways, until Asus completes the backend maintenance of its Bootloader Unlock APK, you will be getting bugged with the Failed to unlock 24803 prompt.