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Video Boost will not work with unlimited Google Photos storage

During the initial days. one of the biggest perks of having a Pixel device was having unlimited Google Photos storage in original quality. This was then trimmed down to 15GB in original quality and now, we have 15GB in compressed quality! While it’s still way ahead of what others have to offer, still, Google could have been more generous to the Pixel users.

But since that is not the case, tech enthusiasts took matters into their own hands and got unlimited storage by spoofing their device to the Pixel XL. While there are quite a few ways of doing so, the easiest one is by flashing the Pixelify module via Magisk. However, you might now have to think twice before carrying out this tweak as it would end up causing quite a few issues with a newly released feature.

Video Boost will not work with Unlimited Google Photos Storage Mod

video boost unlimited photos storage.

For the unaware, Video Boost uses computational AI photography techniques to enhance the colors, contrast, and dynamic range of the video. It records the video in 4K SDR videos at 30fps, uploads it over to its servers via the Google Photos app, does the magic there, and then sends the video back to your device.

While it’s carrying out this process, it would occupy a chunk of Google’s Photos storage space, which could be a hefty amount considering it’s enhancing a RAW copy of a video file and adding tons of tweaks to it. Therefore, having unlimited Photos storage is now a major necessity, more than ever before.

video boost unlimited photos storage.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to do so. This is because if you have unlimited Google Photos storage via a module such as Pixelfiy, then the Video Boost feature will not work on your Pixel device. Numerous users who tried this feature while having the module enabled have reported that the Video Boost status is being shown as “boosting video quality” for the past couple of days, even though the video is only around 10-12 seconds long.

Moreover, upon disabling the module and retying the process, the Vidoe Boost worked well and good in the first attempt itself. So until Pixelify’s developer [or whatever mod you are using] tweaks its mod to make it compatible with this feature, Video Boost will not work with unlimited Google Photos storage. So you’ll have to trade off either of the two goodies. Decide accordingly and let us know your decisions in the comments section below.