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Next Backup Size Larger Bug in iOS 17? You’re not alone!

Many users have voiced their concern that the next backup size is going to be significantly larger than their previous one in iOS 17. At the time of writing, Apple is testing out the second Public Beta and the fifth Developer Preview. Since both of them are currently in the testing phase, it’s near about along the obvious lines that the OS is bound to get bugged with a few bugs and issues [which has indeed been the case].

Next Backup Size Larger Bug in iOS 17

However, the latest one seems to have left quite a few users stumped. Many of them have reported that the Next Backup feature on their iPhone is showing up to 20-30GB larger than their previous one. Upon further digging up the files that it might back up, well, they are even seeing the likes of Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and offline YouTube videos [serioulsy, we are not joking!].

Next Backup Size Larger in iOS 17

They could verify the same by heading over to Settings > iCloud > Manage storage > backups > tap my iPhone, and checking out all the data that’s going to be in the next backup. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any workaround that seems to be addressing this issue. While we are waiting for the third public beta to arrive [which could be here in a day or two], it’s recommended that you file a bug report using the Feedback app installed on your device at the earliest.

As far as the official stance on this matter is concerned, the developers are yet to acknowledge this issue, let alone give out any ETA for the rollout of a fix. As and when any of these two things happen, we will update this guide accordingly. In the meantime, the aforementioned workarounds are your best bet.