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Android 14 Beta 5 has removed a new Lockscreen clock!

The beta timeline is nearing its with Google just releasing the fifth and final build. And with this, we are closer to a stable build than ever before. Generally, the last beta update is just a carbon copy of the first stable rollout, with hardly any changes, if any. However, let’s hope that this is not the case this time around or some users will end up missing a crucial feature [well, atleast from the UI point of view]- the new lockscreen clocks in Android 14 Beta 5.

Android 14 Beta 5 has removed a new Lockscreen clock!

Rolling back the clocks a couple of months, the Silicon Valley giant had introduced around 5 new Always On Display clock styles which added a breath of fresh air to the otherwise dull AOD screen. One of these clocks had a zig-zag and jazz looking interface that did manage to grabbed a eye eyeballs. However, that is no longer present in the latest beta build.

Android 14 Beta 5 removed Lockscreen clock

Such issues are noticeably common in beta builds and are usually patched with the next beta update. However, since this was the last beta, there are growing concerns that Google might have decided to bid adieu to this clock style for good. However, there’s nothing concrete as of now and we might still see the return of this clock maybe with an incremental beta update or straightaway in the stable build. As and when [and if] that happens, we will update this post accordingly.

In the meantime, what are your views about the missing of this new lockscreen clock in Android 14 Beta 5? Is it just one of those other minor UI tweaks that wouldn’t both you or a stitch in time will no longer save nine? Do drop in your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.