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Best Custom ROMS for OnePlus 6/6T With Face Unlock

The year 2018 was the year when smartphone manufacturers started to improve the camera. Oneplus also stepped up and launched its camera-centric phone. Oneplus 6 and Oneplus 6T both the phones offer OIS have dual camera setup. The phones also featured 6.41 inches of bezel-less AMOLED display. The phones were launched on Android 8.0 Oreo and are currently running the latest Android 10. The phone is very famous when it comes to custom ROM development and there are tonnes of ROMS available for Oneplus 6/6t. So here we have stripped down to the best custom ROMS for Oneplus 6/6t that supports face unlock and is stable when it comes to daily usage.

All of the custom ROMS do have a good amount of customizations and support. They all have their telegram support channel where users can seek any kind of help if stuck anywhere or have any bug. When it comes to stability some ROMS are more stable some are less but in our test scenario, all of the ROMS below are capable of daily usage. Download links are also mentioned along with their telegram support channel.

Best Custom ROMS for Oneplus 6/6t

  • Havoc OS- The name of the ROM is enough to tell you that this ROM has tonnes of customizations. The ROM is based on AOSP and Pixel experience so it has a vanilla Android running with its own level of customization. The ROM is stable enough to be the daily driver and gives descent battery and not the excellent. Though installing a custom Kernel could improve battery backup even more. The features list of Havoc OS is pretty long so here’s the full list of features.