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Apple Music Recently Added will now only show 60 albums in Sonoma!

The latest OS release from the Cupertino giant has brought a slew of intriguing features to the fore. Likewise, you might also come across a few noteworthy changes, most of which have been truly appreciated. However, as has been the case with every OS release, there have been a few tweaks that haven’t been well received, among which, one has been heavily criticized, and rightly so.

Apple Music Recently Added will now only show 60 albums in Sonoma!

With the release of macOS Sonoma, Apple has now tweaked its Music app’s Recently Added section and has restricted it to show only 60 Albums in Sonoma. This is in stark contrast to pre-Sonoma times when it supported Infinite Scrolling aka you could scroll all the way to the bottom and get hold of the first album that you had added [for some this dated way back to the 2008 phase]!

Apple Music Recently Added 60 albums

For the unaware, Apple Music never had the Infinite Scrolling functionality on iPhone and iPad. So the only plausible reason we could see for this change is that the tech giant was trying to make all its features across all its devices in sync. While it did manage to achieve this now, however, it doesn’t really make an iota of sense.

Apple Music Recently Added 60 albums

When you have such a useful feature, then simply removing it to maintain a cross-platform uniformly at the expense of your user’s convenience doesn’t really add up. But when you have such a monopolistic power in a particular domain, then you could easily make as many strange decisions as possible till the time it benefits you one way or the other, after all, the user’s preferences could easily take a back seat, couldn’t it?

Is there a Fix?

Apple Music Recently Added 60 albums

Let’s now address the elephant in the room- is there any workaround to remove this Apple Music restriction in the Recently Added section of showing only 60 albums in Sonoma? Well, unfortunately not and you shouldn’t expect any either. This is because rather than a bug it’s looking more along the lines of an intended change [the number 60 gave away all the hints]. With that said, if there’s ever any light at the end of the tunnel, we will update this post. So stay tuned!

UPDATE: There’s a Workaround after all!

Well, it seems that Apple hasn’t implemented this restriction on its website. So you could still head over to music.apple.com and make use of the Infinite Scrolling feature to enjoy yesteryear’s classics!

  • Unless I’m missing something in the settings it’s limited to 160 albums in the recently added view on the Apple music website. I tried it in iOS and Sonoma using both Safari and Chrome.

  • Frank Vercruyssen

    This is a disastrous change. I almost exclusively work in ‘Recently Added’. Now what do I do ?

    It’s true that in the website version, this restriction to 60 albums is not present, but over there the albums that you bought on, let’s say, Bandcamp, don’t show up.

    Atrocious idea of Apple Music. I hate it.