Wireless Charging not working in iPhone 14 Pro due to its camera bump!

In this post, we will be discussing about another one of those great Apple debacles wherein its camera design in iPhone 14 Pro/Max is preventing the device from getting wirelessly charged. In the latest offerings from the Cupertino giant, all eyes were set on the Pro and Pro Max variant because the other two are just a carbon copy of their predecessors.

Wireless Charging not working in iPhone 14 Pro
The perfect design doesn’t….

So talking about the Pro and Pro Max versions, there were quite a few reasons why they managed to grab the attention of the masses. One among them was the fact that Apple finally broke the 12MP barrier and bought the new 48MP lens, however, it came at a cost [and weight as well].

Wireless Charging not working in iPhone 14 Pro- all thanks to its camera bump!

Wireless Charging not working in iPhone 14 Pro

However, there’s one major drawback that I’m not seeing being talked about enough- the large protruding camera bumps tend to disrupt the wireless charger to such an extent that you will be forced to opt for the wired charging method. It would have been something else if the third-party Qi-certified wireless chargers had an issue. But the surprising and rather embarrassing fact is that even Apple’s own MagSafe Chargers aren’t able to effectively charge these devices!

Users end up wasting half their time and energy in trying to perfectly place the chargers over to the magnets, only for the device to ultimately fall from the stand in most instances. All in all, it could definitely be called as one of the greatest  manufacturing disasters from Apple which unfortunately isn’t getting the attention that it should have received [and we all know the reason why, don’t we?]

Is there a “Fix”?

Some users did manage to fix this wireless charging not working issue on their iPhone 14 Pro by placing their device upside down so that it doesn’t end up conflicting with the device’s camera bump. Ah! The perfect Apple fiasco wherein users have to resort to unimaginable tweaks just to get their devices charged!

Wireless Charging not working in iPhone 14 Pro
The Culprits!

What are your views on the same? Is it proving to be a cause of nuisance for you as well or do you charge your device the wired way and this isn’t anything worth bothering upon? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section.