WhatsApp is Soon Going to Add the Boomerang Feature [Video Inside]

The world’s most popular mobile messaging service is going to borrow one of the features from its counterpart. According to WABetaInfo, the rumors are doing the rounds that WhatsApp may soon integrate the Boomerang feature within its app. This feature has been part of Instagram since ages and is often regarded as among the most widely used feature.

Boomerang in Whatsapp- Screenshot

What is the Boomerang Feature?

For the unawares, Boomerang lets users take a mini video of a few seconds and turn it into a much-enhanced version of GIF. It then makes the videos play back and forth. Also, these Boomerangs don’t have any sound or music. What it actually does is that it takes bursts of photos and stitches them into a video loop. This video is then made to play backward and forwards.

What are the Rumours?

It has recently been rumored by a highly trustworthy source that this feature is soon going to be added to Whatsapp as well. This feature is reportedly being added to the Status Sharing section of WhatsApp. But it would only be visible when you share a video, and that 7 seconds or less. You could then share this newly created Boomerang to your contacts or set it as a status. See the below-attached video (Boomerang starts after 9 seconds. Video Source: WhatsAppBetaInfo).

Any Idea Regarding its Release?

As far as the release is concerned, this feature has not even been added to the beta version of WhatsApp. I have checked the latest beta release for both the iOS and Android versions, and it hasn’t been added to both the platform. With that said, expect the feature to be available first for the iOS and then for the Open Source Platform (Android). This is usually the norm that the Messaging Giants follow before releasing any major update for their app. In a nutshell, expect at least “3-4” weeks before the beta version gets released.

When Can I Get My Hands on the WhatsApp Version Having this Boomerang Feature?

Once it’s released, I’ll share the beta APK with you, so keep a check on this post. There is absolutely no harm in installing the beta version on top of your stable version of WhatsApp. All your chats, documents and images will remain as it is, along with the regular 2 Factor Authentication.

With Facebook owning both the giants, expect many features to trade hands in the coming days. Moreover, keep reading this space for more such WhatsApp news.

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