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WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T with T-Mobile [Fix]

In this guide, we will show you various methods to fix the issue of WeChat not working with T-Mobile on the OnePlus 10T. First started as an instant messaging service, it has since quickly expanded its domain in social media and mobile payment app domain, and as of now, it is the most popular and widely used app in the whole of China. However, it is currently giving a tough time to users on the latest OnePlus device.

Numerous users have voiced their concern that WeChat is not working on the OnePlus 10T with T-Mobile. While it initially runs well and good on mobile data but after a said time period or if your device gets locked, the app will be disconnected from the data. Ao which out of the three is the culprit? Well, since the app is working along the expected lines in every other device, so it might not be the one. As far as the carrier service goes, users tried using the AT&T SIM and WeChat didn’t face any issues.

So this might put T-Mobile in hot waters. But if the issue was only with the carrier, then other devices with this carrier would have been affected as well. All in all, it seems that both the carrier and the smartphone have to share an equal proportion of responsibility for this blame. So is then brings us to the all-important question- is there a fix? ell, there does exist a couple of handy workarounds that shall help you rectify this bug. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

Fix WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T with T-Mobile

WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T

It is recommended that you try out each of the below-mentioned workarounds and then see which one spells out success for you. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

FIX 1: Update to Android 13 Beta [NEW]

Many users have reported that after updating their device’s OS to Android 13 Beta, they were able to rectify this issue. So refer to the below steps to welcome this update onto your device and then check out the results [take backup data beforehand]

  1. To begin with, download the firmware corresponding to your region from below:
    OnePlus 10T (IN) 
    OnePlus 10T (EU)
  2. Then transfer the downloaded firmware to your device’s internal storage [but not inside any folder].
  3. After that, head over to Settings > About device > Version.
  4. Now tap on Build Number 7 times and enter your password [if asked]. It will enable the Developer Mode.
  5. Then go back to Settings -> About device -> Up to date.
  6. Now tap on the button situated at the top right and select Local Install. [Missing Local Install? Here’s the Fix].WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T
  7. Then navigate to the downloaded Android 13 firmware and select it. Then tap on Extract > Upgrade.
  8. Now, wait for the installation to complete. Once done, tap on Restart.
  9. Your OnePlus 10 Pro will now boot to the newly installed Android 13 OS.
  10. Check if it fixes the issue of WeChat not working with T-Mobile on the OnePlus 10T.

FIX 2: Toggle Airplane Mode

Disabling/re-enabling the Airplane Mode will refresh the underlying network settings and would help you rectify the sisue that we are currently dealing with. Howeve, the repsite will only last fo a few hour after which you will have to again carry out this tweak. So if that’s well and good, then refer to the below listed steps to implement this fix right away.

  1. Head over to Settings > Connection and Sharing.
  2. Then enable the toggle next to Airplane Mode.WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T
  3. Now wait for a few seconds and then disable it.
  4. Check if WeChat is working with T-Mobile on your OnePlus 10T.

FIX 3: Increase Screen Time Off Duration

For many users, the issue gets invoked as soon as their device gets locked or screen gets turned off. So you could increase this screen time wake-up duration to the maximum allocated duration or even add your own time to it. here’s how it could be done:

  1. Head over to Settings > Display and Brightness.
  2. Then go to Auto Screen Off and select 30 minutes.WeChat not working on OnePlus 10T
  3. Or increase this time limit beyond 30 minutes usign this ADB tweak.
  4. This should help you address the underlying network issue.

That’s it. These were the three different methods that shall help you fix the issue of WeChat not working with T-Mobile on the OnePlus 10T. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.