[UPDATED 2019] Stock Firmware Vivo Devices: V, X, Y, Z and NEX Series

From this guide, you could download the Stock Firmware for all the Vivo devices. These include the devices belonging to the V, X, Y, Z, and the NEX Series.


Part of the BBK Electronics family, which also houses Oppo, RealMe and OnePlus, many users were quite skeptical about this device. Moreover, with the rapid growth of the OnePlus devices, success seems a far fetched reality. Putting the final nail in the coffin was the ever-increasing popularity of its counterpart- Oppo. Moreover, belonging to the same price segment as Oppo made the matter completely more difficult.

But inspite of this, it surprisingly managed to do quite well. With numerous mobiles in line and plenty more to come, it finally seems to have got a strong foot in the Indian mobile industry. And if you are one of the buyers, do let us know your experience with this device.

[ Download Stock Firmware for OnePlus, Google Nexus, Pixel, Oppo and Xiaomi Devices]

If so you happened to be a tech enthusiast who just loves tweaking his device, then you might well be having in-depth knowledge regarding unlocking and rooting. For the unknown, unlocking the bootloader allows you to install a customized version of your OS. Whereas rooting gives you complete control of your Android OS and its system files.

But tweaking your device has some downsides as well. From just stability issues to completely becoming a dead paper-weight, the issues could be plenty. But there is a workaround for that as well. First of all, you may try unrooting your device. But even if that does not work, then just flash the stock firmware on your device. The device will be as it came out of the box. So head on to the below section of the guide to download the stock firmware for all the Vivo Devices.

Download Stock Firmware for Vivo Devices

In this section, you could download the stock firmware for all Vivo devices. These include the V, X, Y, Z, and the NEX Series.






So that was a detailed guide covering Stock Firmware for all the Vivo Devices. These included the V, X, Y, Z, and the NEX Series. If you find your device missing, head over to the Request Page with the device name and build number, I’ll definitely update the list. Happy Flashing!