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Visible,Total, Straight Talk, TracPhone eSIM not working Pixel 7/Pro

In this guide, we will lift off the curtains behind the reasoning why the T-Mobile, Visible [Verizon], Straight Talk, and TracPhone eSIM is not working on your Pixel 7/Pro. When it comes to eSIM, iPhone has already forced its users to adapt or perish. While Android hasn’t yet taken this extreme measure, but we might definitely see that happening within a year or two, irrespective of the backlash that it is going to receive. Even then, some users are already inclined toward welcoming eSIM on their devices, but they are unable to do so at the moment, all thanks to the slow progression made by their respective carriers.

Visible [Verizon] eSIM not working on Pixel 7/Pro

Visible eSIM not working Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

In this regard, numerous Visible by Verizon users had raised their concern that the eSIM is not working in Pixel 7/Pro. A user who had a talk with the Verizon support team has mentioned that the carrier has straightaway said that they “don’t support eSIM on the Pixel 7”.

Visible eSIM not working Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

Furthermore, another user has shared that the carrier had this to say as far as the reasoning is concerned:

It is because there are many different versions of every device, and we need to prepare our network for all of them, which we are always doing but at the moment, there are some of them that hasn’t been included or maybe even that has some restrictions.

Visible eSIM not working Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

T-Mobile eSIM with Pixel 7/Pro isn’t doing great either

To make matter worse, many T-Mobile users have also reported that their eSIM is not working on their Pixel 7/Pro. While T-Mobile does support eSIM for the Pixel 7 series, however, as of now, it is unable to validate the user’s EID or its server is displaying the user’s EID as invalid [Embedded Identity Document or EID is a unique serial number for every device that supports eSIM].

Visible eSIM not working Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

All in all, it seems to be a rough road ahead if you are a Visible [Verizon] or T-Mobile user who is looking to jump ship to an eSIM on their newly purchased Pixel device. As of now, you have no choice but to opt for a physical SIM card, which seems to be rather counter-intuitive because on one hand, we are being aggressively pushed to adopt this eSIM technology but on the other hand, the carriers aren’t themselves ready for the same!

The irony in this is definitely quite high! On a serious note though, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope these carriers act at the earliest and get their services up and running so that we don’t have to keep swinging between physical and eSIMs.

Straight Talk, TracPhone, and Total Wireless also not working with Pixel 7/Pro

Unfortunately, we are witnessing new carriers being added to this list every few hours. While we have already discussed about Visible, there are now three other entries from Verizon. Few users have reported that Straight Talk, Tracfone, and Total Wireless aren’t working with their Pixel 7/Pro.

eSIM not working Pixel 7 Pro.jpg

One of the affected Total Wireless users has said they had a chat with the support team, and after confirming the IMEI, the support staff said that their device isn’t compatible with Total by Verizon. So as of now, Verison is a dire need to speed up its process otherwise a lot of users will be left out in the dark in the coming days.