TWRP Recovery 101: Guides, Tutorials, Tips and Error Fixes

This detailed article will be covering all the important topics related to TWRP Recovery. These include flashing the recovery, transferring files via Mount or ADB Sideload, flashing various zips, images, kernels, GApps, etc, fixing the Error 7 in TWRP and numerous other tutorials.

TWRP Tips and tricks- CP

What is TWRP Recovery and Why Should You Install It

First things first. What exactly is TWRP Recovery and for what is it used? Team Win Recovery Project, or more popularly known by its short form, TWRP, is a type of custom recovery. This recovery is easily installed on any Android device using a few lines of ADB and Fastboot Commands. But when you own a device, it already comes installed with its own stock recovery. So why go the extra distance of installing another recovery. Well, there are countless reasons for the same.

TWRP Tweaks-Recovery Screenshot
Flashing a ZIP File via TWRP

First off, the stock recovery hardly provides a feature or two. Apart from having the option to reboot your device to system or fastboot mode and the provision of factory resetting your device, it doesn’t do anything else. Whereas by using a Custom Recovery you could flash any zip or image file, install any ROM, Kernel, etc., wipe all the device partitions, make a complete backup of your device (this includes all the system files as well) and tons of other features. So if you are among the tech enthusiasts who continuously like to tweak the device’s software, then this one is a no brainer. Go and install a custom recovery right now.

Nowadays TWRP has become so famous now that whenever someone mentions a custom recovery, by default it means TWRP. This is because it is now the sole provider of custom recovery. You could find countless other recoveries, but they all are based on TWRP itself. These unofficial recoveries are created by developers who are not part of the TWRP team. Users try out on their device until an official version gets released. With that said, let us now begin with the technical aspect of the guide.

TWRP 101: All Important TWRP Topics Included in this Article

Six of the most important TWRP topics are included in this article. And trust me, these guides are more than enough, You don’t need to look anywhere else for any TWRP related information. All the below guides are written in a detailed step-by-step procedure. Screenshots are also attached for your reference. Therefore, head over to the article of your choice (click on them to go to their respective pages):

How to Fix TWRP Error 7 (While Flashing Custom ROM via TWRP)

How to Permanently Install TWRP without TWRP ZIP File (only using TWRP.img file)

How to Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery

How to Root Android Devices via TWRP Recovery

[3 METHODS] How To Transfer or Install Files via TWRP Recovery

What is a Nandroid Backup? How to Create and Restore it Via TWRP

[GUIDE] Flash ROMs/Magisk/TWRP/Kernels on A/B Partition Devices

To conclude, this was a detailed guide on the TWRP Recovery. If you feel that I have missed something, do let me know. Also, if you want any other feature of TWRP to be incorporated, head over to the Request Page and write it down. Moreover, please share all your queries in the comments section below. Happy Flashing!

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