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TWRP for OnePlus 11 is available, but should you install it now?

The first unofficial build of TWRP is now available for OnePlus 11, but you should probably wait instead of flashing it right away. When we talk about custom development, then OnePlus devices used to be the go-to choice for tech enthusiasts. However, all that changed, starting with the 10 Pro variant. And the reason for the same is pretty straightforward- the inability to access the MSM Download Tool.

For the unaware, you could use this tool to unbrick any OnePlus device [Qualcomm chipset] even if it has been hard-bricked by flashing the OPS firmware in EDL Mode. However, with the 10th series onwards, it has now been taken over by Oppo, and only authorized service center employees could now access this tool. And let’s not deny there’s always an associated risk of things going south even if you flash a mod or ROM from a trustworthy site.

Don’t Install TWRP on your OnePlus 11 yet

twrp oneplus 11

If we talk about the TWRP Recovery for OnePlus 11, not only is it unofficial, but there’s no trustworthiness of this file as well. Moreover, the flashing itself takes a rather weird approach. You’ll first have to root your device [which is accepted] but then install an [unknown] app using which you could install this recovery.

twrp oneplus 11
Credits: XDA Senior Member empty.cad

Granted, TWRP has its fair share of perks, including the ability to take Nandroid Backup and ease of flashing, but as of now, it’s still not worth taking the risks. While unofficial TWRP builds are not new but they are usually released by a trusted developer and don’t ask you to install an app from an unknown dev/source. You either flash it via fastboot flash recovery twrp.img / fastboot flash boot twrp.img or boot it for temporary usage via fastboot boot twrp.img.

TWRP OnePlus 11

As far as the substitute for android backup is concerned, Swift backup is the closest that we have come, and even though it might not able to recreate the Nandroid Backup but it does a pretty nifty job. If we talk about flashing ROMs, well, there’s not going to be many [just have a look at the OnePlus 10 series and you’ll get a perfect picture].

Even if they go live, you might be able to install them via directly Fastboot commands [similar to what we do with other devices that lack TWRP support]. In a nutshell, even though TWRP is released for your OnePlus 11, you shouldn’t install it, at least for now. As and when things get better, we will update this post accordingly. Stay tuned!

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