Tab s6 vs Tab s5e vs Tab s6 lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs Tab S5e vs Tab S6 lite

The tablet market is rising pretty fast. The rise of this market is mainly because of Apple’s Ipad and Samsung’s series of Galaxy Tabs. For Android users, as usual, there are plenty of options to choose from which creates confusion as for which one to buy. The Samsung Galaxy tabs have beautiful immersive displays and pack some powerful hardware along with practicality. So here is an in-depth comparison between the three best tablets offered by Samsung. The Galaxy Tab S6 vs Tab s5e vs Tab s6 lite.

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So this was the in detail comparison of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab s6 vs Tab s5e vs Tab s6 lite. All three of the tablets are very much premium when it comes to in-hand feel. The Tab s5e and Tab S6 have keyboard folio cover which is a great accessory to have so if you are planning to buy any of these do consider buying the bundled keyboard book cover along with the tablet. Our choice is Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 as it is an all-rounder giving out the best of everything. If you want to buy Tab S6 or tab S5e click on the links. The Tab S6 lite is yet to launch in India so we have to wait for it for now.

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