Redmi Note 8 Android 11 Update Removes App Icon Animations

In this guide, we will be having a look at the Chinese OEM decision to remove the app icon animations from Redmi Note 8 after the Android 11 update. The Redmi Note series is the epitome of devices offering power-packed features but without burning a hole in your pockets. When its eighth iteration got released, it did manage to catch the attention of the masses. However, it wasn’t for all the right reasons.

Being part of the Xiaomi family does come with its fair share of downsides as well. There are a plethora of issues that regularly bugs these devices and the Note 8 series was no different either. Its Pro variant recently bagged the MIUI 12.5 update, but there weren’t any considerable improvements in the overall usability.

On the flip side though, users had to welcome a few uninvited guests onto their devices. From lags to WiFi issues, there were quite a few ones. However, let’s give credits where it is due. The MIUI skin does tend to provide a few nifty customizations and animations. For example, it has incorporated live animations for its various stock apps icons.

So rather than displaying a static image for its Clock, Weather, and Calendar apps, it displayed the live Time, Temperature, and Date. This not only added a nice GUI touch but also allowed us to directly got hold of the required information without even the need to interact with that app. However, good things don’t last for long, at least in the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Redmi Note 8 Android 11 Update Removes App Icon Animations

The Redmi Note 8 users recently bagged the Android 11 update, and with that, users did welcome a plethora of new and intriguing features. On the flip side though, there were a few unwanted tweaks that weren’t called for. One among them is the removal of the app icon animations on the Redmi Note 8 after the Android 11 update.

So rather than the live animated icons, you will now only get the static images for all the apps, including Clock, Weather, and Calendar apps. One reason for the same could be that it would result in less processing power and hence could improve the overall device’s performance. While this could be a factor, but we don’t think that disabling these minute animations wouldn’t lead to any considerable performance improvement.

Anyway, this is how things stand as of now, and we don’t have any say regarding the same. What are your views about the removal of app icon animations from the Redmi Note 8 following the Android 11 update? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.