Pixel Watch LTE not working

Pixel Watch LTE/Cellular Data not working: How to Fix

In this guide, we will show you a couple of methods to fix the issue of Pixel Watch LTE/Cellular Data not working. The newest addition to the smartwatch family is the offering from the Silicon Valley giant. Similar to other layers in this domain, the Pixel Watch also comes in two variants: Bluetooth/WiFi & 4G LTE.

Pixel Watch LTE not working

In this regard, most users are inclined towards the LTE version as it beholds a couple of additional goodies in comparison with its WiFi counterpart. Among them, the top-most benefit is the ability to make and receive calls without a smartphone. However, as of now, users aren’t able to checkmark the first prerequisite of this feature.Pixel Watch LTE not working

Many of them have voiced their concern that the LTE/Cellular Data not working on their Pixel Watch. They are either greeted with the “eSIM download error” or “Something went wrong”. Likewise, even the Mobile network section on their device appears blank. If you are also getting bugged with these issues, then this guide will make you aware of a few nifty workarounds to rectify this bug. Follow along. 

Fix Pixel Watch LTE/Cellular Data not working

Pixel Watch LTE not working

It is recommended that you try out each of the below-mentioned workarounds and then see which one spells out success for you. So with that in mind, let’s get started.

FIX 1: Check Availability

First and foremost, you should double-check whether the carrier supports Pixel Watch in your region or not. So refer to the below table to check this compatibility. If it is currently not available in your region, then there’s nothing that could be done from your end to make it up and running. It’s up to the carrier as and when they bring in their support for your watch.


Supported carriers

United States
  • AT&T
  • Google Fi
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Cellcom
  • CSpire
  • UScellular
  • Telstra
  • Bell
  • Telus
  • Orange
  • SFR
  • Vodafone
  • Telekom
  • O2
  • 1&1
  • KDDI
  • Softbank
  • Taiwan Mobile
United Kingdom
  • EE
  • Vodafone

FIX 2: Add a new line of service

If your carrier is part of the above list but you are still not able to use LTE/4G on your Pixel Watch, then you should get in touch with your carrier and ask them to carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin with, ask them to “add a new line of service” for your watch via “customer-provided equipment”
  2. They will now ask for the watch’s IMEI number. So open the dialer, type in *#06#, and tell them the IMEI number.
  3. They will now get a prompt on whether or not they should enable “number share”, tell them to select “Yes”.
  4. They will then add the carrier-based plan and complete your order. Once done, you should then try the activation through the Pixel Watch app.
  5. So tap on Mobile Network and you should now get a prompt that the eSIM is being downloaded [it might take a couple of minutes].
  6. As soon as the eSIM gets downloaded, your Pixel Watch will be activated!

That’s it. These were the two different methods to fix the issue of Pixel Watch LTE/Cellular Data not working. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know in the comments. We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest.

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  1. I bought the pixel watch through Verizon website in the US. I have cell service with them on an unlocked galaxy s22 ultra I bought from samsung.com The phone has no connectivity issues. However when I try to set up mobile network in the pixel watch app I get a message that says unsupported device that my device(phone) is not a verizon retail device. I am so frustrated with this issue. Please help. Thanks

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