Pixel 5G December update

Pixel users yet to receive 5G support even after December update

Google has recently rolled out the long-awaited December Feature Drop. With that, there are a slew of goodies that you are about to welcome. While most of the noteworthy features, such as the Google VPN and Clear Calling are exclusively aimed at devices with the Tensor G2 chipset [Pixel 7 series], there are a few features in store for the older Pixel variants.

Pixel users yet to receive 5G even after December Security Update and Feature Drop

However, the feature that most of us were eagerly awaiting is the support for 5G, which unfortunately seems to have missed its mark. For the unaware, Pixel devices in regions such as India come as 5G supported but are not 5G ready out of the box. It means that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the 5G straight away even if the carrier in your region has already enabled it.

Pixel 5G December update

For example, in India, both Airtel and Jio have enabled 5G, and many supported devices [such as Galaxy S22 series] already enjoying this service. However, Pixel devices were slated to get blessed with 5G in December, which hasn’t happened yet, even after the rollout of both the December Security patch and Feature Drop.

Pixel 5G December update

On Google’s part, although they did say that the 5G support will roll out in December, they didn’t explicitly mention that it will roll out with the Security patch or the Feature Drop. So there could be a bleak possibility that the Silicon Valley giant might release another update towards the end of the month focusing just on 5G.

While two updates in a month is a rare phenomenon, it has happened in the past when Golge had to fix some critical bugs after the rollout of a monthly update. Moroever, while we are yet to hear the official Google stance on this matter but it seems one of Google’s Support Forum experts is only make the matter worse in this regard.

Pixel 5G December update

Answering to queries about the missing 5G on Pixel devices after the December update, he has replied to many that “You did not receive the feature drop, you received the security update. Security updates and feature drops are two separate things that take place at different times”. While this might be true in other instances but this time around both the December Security Patch and Feature Drop have been rolled out concurrently.

So the aforementioned justification doesn’t add up in the current scenario. With that said, we will be updating this guide as and when we get hold of any further news regarding the Pixel 5G support rollout. Stay tuned!

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