Pixel Overheating/Battery Drain on July 2023 update comes to light!

UPDATE 2: Well, it comes as a surprise to literally no one that the July 2023 update has further worsened the Battery drain issue on Pixel 7/Pro and older Pixel devices. Scroll to the end to read more on this. The original story follows below.

UPDATE 1: Forget the May update, the Battery Drain issue has worsened even further with the June 2023 update for the Pixel 7/Pro….. The original story follows below.

Pixel Overheating/Battery Drain after May 2023 update is still not fixed! If you own a Pixel device, updated to the latest May 2023 security patch, and aren’t living under the rocks, then you might very well be aware of the astronomical battery drainage and overheating that the latest update Google App has resulted in. To make the matter worse, this overheating issue coincided with the launch of Pixel 7A, and hence the device has received a plethora of negative reviews relating to battery issues.

Pixel overheating may 2023 not fixed

Pixel Overheating/Battery Drain after May 2023 update still not fixed!

Pixel battery drain may 2023 not fixed

But with the issue blowing up across Reddit and Google Forums, and many reputed tech blogs covering it as well, Google for once was quick to identify the issue and roll out a patch for the same. As far as the culprit was concerned, many users had already performed numerous debugging and came to the conclusion that the latest update to the Google App was creating havoc. So as a bandage to this issue, they disabled the Google App, and the issue was indeed rectified.

Pixel overheating may 2023 not fixed

Then fast forward to a few days later, the Silicon Valley giant rolled out a fix that seems to have finally rectified the issue, albeit not for everyone. A minority bunch of users are still voicing their concern that their Pixel is overheating and draining a high amount of battery even after the latest Google App update [the number of reports keeps rising on a daily basis]. So it seems there’s much more to it than what meets the eye.

Pixel battery drain may 2023 not fixed

In the meantime, we would recommend you keep the Google App disabled [by heading over to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Google App > Disable] and keep it in that state for the next few days. While there’s no definite time as to when or more importantly if Google will roll out another update, but on the optimistic side, the issue might get rectified after the June update.

Pixel overheating may 2023 not fixed

So to be on the safer side of the fence, you might have to bid adieu to the Google app for the next 10 days or so. After all, owing devices from the Silicon Valley giant come at a cost, and have never been easy to maintain!

Pixel battery drain may 2023 not fixed

Pixel Battery Drain after July 2023 Update

pixel battery drain july 2023 update

Numerous Pixel users have voiced their concerns that they are once again facing an excessive battery drain issue after installing the latest July 2023 update on their devices. If you are also in the same boat, then do check out the ten fixes listed in the below guide to rectify this issue.

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