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Pixel 7 Pro photos: Oversaturated, over sharpened, over processed?

When the seventh iteration of the Pixel devices first made its way, all eyes were on the second-generation Tensor chipset, and, as you might have guessed, the camera. These devices from the Silicon Valley giant are always known to be the best in the business when it comes to the camera department. Thanks to its excellent computational photography and artificial intelligence, you are bound to get the absolute best that any smartphone has to offer.

Likewise, even the tech reviewers were also in awe of the camera quality, and one cannot even blame them because the output was definitely worthy of a prasie. However,  there’s a fine line between what we see in those videos and the real-life experience. And that has once again come to light. Numerous users who have got their hands on the Pixel 7 Pro have reported that the photo is turning out to be oversaturated, over sharpened and over processed.

Pixel 7 Pro Photos: Leaves a lot to be desired?

pixel 7 pro photos over saturated

According to affected users, there is an astronomically high amount of contrast and darkening added right after the photo gets processed. This processing is what is resulting in infuriation for them. According to them, when they launch the camera and take a photo it turns out just perfect, but as soon as they open that image, the device starts its processing for a couple of seconds and this is where things begin to go south!

More often than not, the results turn out to be pixelated with tons of noise and grains thereby giving it an outlook of a heavily compressed image. The AI tends to give quite a lot of weightage over the picture clarity and as a result of this, the end result is not something one would expect. For many, this issue only worsens if they take an indoor photo or capture a photo on 0.5 or 2x zoom.

pixel 7 pro photos over saturated

All these reports first came to ‘light’ right around the month of October and even after many updates later, the situation hasn’t improved a tiny bit. One reason that we could speculate for the same is that these issues haven’t gathered a lot of steam and hence have managed to escape the limelight.

On the contrary, it is still touted as the best camera phone out there, which though might be true for a major chunk of the audience, is certainly not in sync with a niche segment’s usage experience. Therefore, we will recommend you file a bug report and let Google know about the same at the earliest.

Pixel 7 Pro Photos: Oversaturated, Over Sharpened, Over Processed, and “Overhyped”?

So this was all from my personal experience of Pixel 7 Pro Photos turning out to be oversaturated, over sharpened, and over processed. Are you also facing an under-performing camera issue or is the camera maintaining the same top-notch level that Pixel devices are usually known to have? Do drop in your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

  • Shreepati

    Pixel 7 camera is totally disappointing. The hardware seems to be of very poor quality as the photos in the viewfinder are quite bad. Once the photo is clicked, to compensate the bad hardware, there’s heavy use of AI which makes the photos look unnatural…