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Option to Receive Notification in DND Mode in iOS 15 has been Removed?

Is the option to receive the notifications in DND Mode in iOS 15 been removed? Let’s check it out! Now that the latest iteration of the iOS is live for stable users, there is a plenitude of intriguing features and changes that you are about to welcome onto your devices. Live Texts, SharePlay in FaceTime, Redesigned notifications, and Focus Mode are just some of the noteworthy ones. However, it’s quite surprising to note that most of these features are still getting bugged with some or other issues.

While few users are unable to use the Live Text feature, others seem to be confused about the Apple decision to delay the release of SharePlay. Along the same lines, the notifications panel is itself going through a rough patch. There are numerous complaints lined up regarding the change that the clear notifications X icon is missing in the upper right corner of the notification tray. So the only way to clear them is to swipe them away.

Clearing notifications

While users were coming to terms with these issues, there has now been another unwelcome addition to this list- Apple seems to have removed the option to receive notifications when DND Mode is enabled. But isn’t that the sole purpose of the Do Not Disturb Mode, to begin with? Well, while this mode is designed to give you a distraction-free environment, but in some instances, such as when you are using your device, you will want to receive these notifications, even when the DND Mode is active.

receive notifications dnd mode ios 15

And until iOS 14, there was an option just for the same- you would continue to view notifications in DND while using your iPhone. Unfortunately, the Cupertino giants had something else in mind and hence they decided to bid adieu to this feature. It is never a welcome move from any tech manufacture to suddenly remove a feature, of any magnitude, without any consent or at least a prompt beforehand. Due to this haste decision from the tech giants, the users seem to be highly infuriated, and rightly so!

If they had to incorporate any new feature, then the argument might be a little bit balanced (considering the economies of scale), but removing an existing and perfectly working functionality doesn’t make an iota of sense. But this is how things stand at this moment and we don’t have any say on this. What are your views about Apple’s decision to remove the ability to receive notifications in DND Mode in iOS 15? Do share your valuable opinions with us in the comments section below.

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