OnePlus 8 Pro Indian variants has Display Issues

The Oneplus 8 Pro was revealed in April globally. Since the sales went live in countries like the US. People have had some of the major display issues. Not only that, due to COVID-19 the stocks of Oneplus 8 Pro is affected worldwide. People of US who had bought Oneplus 8 Pro were facing issues like display had black crush, green tint or even a black bar across the punch hole front camera. OnePlus pushed an OTA and tried to fix it but actually, they just increased the minimum brightness level of the phone so that users are not able to see that which certainly isn’t a proper solution. OnePlus also assured about the Indian variants are free from these issues. Unfortunately, few OnePlus 8 Pro Indian variant has display issues similar to what was experienced by rest.

Firstly, OnePlus brought the phone to the Indian market 2 months late and then hardly people were able to buy because of flash sales which made the phone go out of stock in a blink of an eye. This could be because of COVID-19 and few of the staffs of OPPO factories were found positive. They even had to shut down the factory also. Just today few people went to the OPPO factory in greater Noida and locked it down because of tensions between India and China and the boycott Chinese product movement.

People have been very much annoyed by this as they were not able to order the phone. Those who were somehow able to get the hands-on the phone was plagued by the display issues. Few of them even returned their phone due to this. This is really unexpected from a company like OnePlus. Few of the Reddit users are also saying that this could be a hardware issue and cannot be fixed via software updates and you have to get it replaced by OnePlus only.

We have got screenshots of some of the Oneplus 8 Pro Indian variant that has display issues have a look.

OnePlus 8 Pro indian variant has display issues Color shifting left is 8 Pro and right is Oneplus 6 colour difference at same brightness and same video thats black crush and tints

So if you are planning to purchase a new OnePlus 8 Pro, first of all, you need to be quick as the phone goes out of stock within seconds. The next sale is on 22 June at 12 PM. Also there is a separate video to check whether your phone has display issues which is right below.

Also to check the black bar issue you can open Google Chrome in incognito mode and go to a dark room and set the brightness to minimum. Check if there is any black bar across the status bar or not.


Play the video below in a dark room with minimum brightness and you should see the boxes. More the boxes better the display.

Do let us know if you have any of the display issues on your Oneplus 8 pro or not.

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